Pre-order Torchlight II for Xbox One Today

Torchlight burst onto the scene 10 years ago, transporting us to its quirky and charming, steampunk and fantasy world. Since then the series has been adored by fans for its dynamic dungeons, unique aesthetic, and old-school ARPG gameplay. And now, Torchlight II is making its way to Xbox One!

Torchlight II features four character classes: Berserker, Embermage, Engineer, and Outlander. Customize your class and set out to avenge Torchlight with a lovable pet companion. Xbox One players will gain access to an exclusive new pet: the Molten Imp, a fiery little rascal with smoke and ember effects on its tail. Pre-ordering the game will also get you exclusive access to another pet: the beloved goblin Yapper. Torchlight fans might recognize Yapper from elsewhere in the Torchlight universe.

Torchlight II

Torchlight II

The interface and controls for Torchlight II have been completely overhauled for the Xbox One gamepad, making for a fast and refreshing action-packed experience. With Xbox Live, up to four players can play together to face the Torchlight world’s most imposing enemies. If you’re looking to get caught up with the story, the original Torchlight is still available on the Microsoft Store, and is backwards compatible!

Celebrate the 10th anniversary of Torchlight with us and relive the glory of Torchlight II.

Torchlight II will be available worldwide on Xbox One on September 3, 2019. Click here to pre-order.

Torchlight is currently available for purchase on the Microsoft Store here.

Nihon Falcom Lacks The Ability To Release More Games On Switch, Says President


Nihon Falcom has a tremendous history of quality RPGs such as the Ys and The Legend of Heroes series, but only one game – the excellent Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana – has been released for Switch. The Legend of Heroes spin-off Trails of Cold Steel III and Ys IX are not currently planned for release on Nintendo’s system, and many gamers are confused about the 38-year-old company’s approach to Switch.

In conversation with USGamer, company president Toshihiro Kondo stated that the studio isn’t actively avoiding Switch, but rather it’s a lack of technical know-how preventing more Falcom games coming to Nintendo’s platform, as well as a belief that the company’s fans are primarily found on PlayStation. Here’s his response in full when asked about plans to bring further games to Switch:

Switch is an incredible platform we like, but the truth is that we don’t have the knowhow to really develop for Switch. Plus we’re, fairly convinced that our main user base is actually located on the PlayStation platform. That said, you know, thanks to working with Nippon Ichi Software in Japan and then NIS America over here, we were able to bring one of our games to Switch and obviously we want to grow the brands as much as we can and put it out as much as we can. So in the future, if we have the opportunity to have our games ported by other other companies to Nintendo Switch, it’s something we would definitely be happy to pursue.

And as a gamer myself, as an aside, I personally love the Switch. In Japan when this question comes up, it always, we get this weird thing where it’s like “Falcom doesn’t want to work on Switch,” or “Falcom doesn’t like Switch,” or something. And that’s not… The plain and simple truth of it all is that we just don’t have the knowhow and the ability to be able to work on Switch games right now.

While the difficulties of a small team developing for different platforms are understandable in this case, it’s still a little disheartening to see that Kondo believes Falcom’s audience to be on Sony’s platform. It’s arguably another one of those situations where a lack of investment in a platform invariably leads to diminished financial returns and reinforces the idea that there’s no interest on that platform. From what we’ve seen there’s an audience hungry for quality RPGs on Switch.

Of course, Kondo’s company is orders of magnitude smaller than one like EA, and it’s understandable that limited resources can only go so far. Hopefully, the opportunities he speaks of (and has spoken of in the past) will present themselves and we’ll see more of the developer’s output on our favourite hybrid handheld console. Be sure to check out the entire interview on USGamer.

On a lighter note, when asked what his favourite game was on Nintendo’s hybrid handheld, he responded with a big’un:

I play with my kids often, so it’s Smash Brothers.

Were you as impressed with Ys VIII as we were? What Falcom games would you like to see on Switch? Let us know below.

Famitsu Confirm Rumoured Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HD For Switch

After weeks of rumours and leaked ratings regarding a remake or rerelease for Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz, a new version of the Wii game has finally been confirmed by Famitsu.

There’s not much to go on, with full details coming in the issue of the Japanese magazine coming out on Thursday 18th July, but it’s confirmed the game will feature “additional functions” and is arriving on 31st October on Switch (and PS4). Famitsu did publish these screenshots, though, so prepare to bask in the glory of those patented Sega colours and blue skies:

It certainly looks pretty, but in all honesty we’re a little disappointed that we’re getting the uninspiring Wii game as opposed to one of the mighty GameCube iterations, but perhaps the dodgy controls will be sorted out for this new version. We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for more details as they come to light.

Are you excited to play a ‘new’ Super Monkey Ball game? Which one is the best in the series in your opinion? Share your thoughts with a comment below.

Discover What The Future Holds With Tarot Readings Premium On Switch


The days of throwing money at expensive tarot readers to find out your fortunes are over with the arrival of Tarot Readings Premium, coming to Switch on 18th July. It’s time to entrust all decisions regarding your future to a reliable, reasonably priced video game rather than the lady in the hut at the end of the pier.

Yes, throw out those horoscopes and let developer Crazysoft (yes, really) deal your fate with this premium set of digital tarot cards. The blurb from Nintendo’s website is illuminating when it comes to the specifics of this software. Behold:

Use our tarot reading cards adviser to learn about your future and fate!

The tarot reading is a pack of playing cards used in parallel for divination in the form of tarotology and cartomancy. With our game you can have the full taro experience! It makes you feel like you are visiting a real gypsy tarot reader. She will shuffle the cards, let you choose them and then present them and explain their meanings. This is the most beautiful and fully animated Tarot card experience out there. The main deck style used is gorgeous and custom made. FHD resolution, made exclusively for us in 2019. All 78 cards are animated!

Finally, tarotology in full HD! This game follows similarly mysterious titles to arrive on the hybrid console such as Astrology and Horoscopes Premium and Palm Reading Premium. As you can see from the screenshots, the game also boasts the ability to save specific questions and the answers you received in order to refresh your memory at a later date.

The game is currently available with a pre-order discount that brings it down to £6.95 from its standard price of £7.99, so you’ve still got time to hurry along to the eShop if you’re a eager to find out what the future has in store for you.

See, video games really do have all the answers! Will you be finding out your fate later this week? Let us know below.