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Full Version: Rust: Survival Fish Trap
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The Survival Fish Trap is a craftable, deployable item used to catch fish. It is part of the new, experimental fishing system in Rust. 

[Image: ERQTWpJ.png]


The fish trap can only be deployed on shores, in relatively shallow, knee-deep waters.

Once deployed, you can access the contents of the trap and load it with bait by placing Food inside the trap's inventory. Many food items can be used to catch fish such as; Apples, Mushrooms, Pumpkins, Raw & Cooked Meats, and Corn. Seeds do not work for catching fish. Minnows can no longer be used to catch more fish. The fillets from a gutted trout can be used as bait.

Periodically, either Small Trout or Minnows will be caught, triggering a splashing animation and sound, and exhausting a portion of the loaded bait. Caught fish will appear in the trap's inventory. On average, you can expect to catch a fish about every 3 minutes, as long as a player is nearby.

Catching fish will reduce the trap's health by 10 Points. The trap has 100 health points in total and can be repaired with a Hammer (This may not work anymore). It is highly recommended to keep fish traps in constant maintenance.

If you are looking for the most calories out of your food, fishing will guarantee that. The lowest yield of a fish trap is 4 minnows per bait totaling 40 calories, which is equal to that of corn or pumpkin. That said when using mushrooms as bait, which only yield 15 calories when eaten, you will always get more calories from the caught fish than eating the mushroom alone. Waiting for the fish can yield great results especially when small trout are caught.


The Survival Fish Trap can be crafted with:
  •  200 Wood
  • 5 Cloth
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