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Death Stranding will launch simultaneously on Steam and the Epic Games Store

Death Stranding‘s current timed PlayStation 4 exclusivity is the only such deal in its future. PC publisher 505 Games has confirmed that the coming PC version of the game will hit both storefronts at launch.

The announcement popped up on Death Stranding’s Steam page alongside the rest of the game’s store listing today, alongside the note that preorders on both platforms are now live as well.

Death Stranding was thought to be a PlayStation 4 exclusive for most of its development. Official word that it would head to PC via publisher 505 Games only dropped a few weeks back, though any mention of storefronts were absent from that initial announcement.

Epic Games Store has, somewhat infamously, made a reputation for itself by snagging up storefront-exclusives and penning deals for major releases to first sell on its fledgling storefront before heading to longer-established stores like Steam. One of 505 Games’ recently published titles, Control, was launched as an Epic Games Store exclusive, and several studios and publishers have made similar agreements in the months prior.

With any mention of storefronts left out of Death Stranding‘s original announcement, some had started to speculate that storefront exclusivity was in the game’s future, however Kojima Productions’ debut title is now slated for a Summer 2020 release on both Steam and the Epic Games Store. 

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