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Unsubtle Rainbow Six Siege DDoS dealers hit with Ubisoft lawsuit

Ubisoft yesterday filed a lawsuit in California against a group of people who it claims are in the business of selling access to software and services which can disrupt the servers of (among other things) Rainbow Six Siege.

This is a notable bit of follow-through on Ubisoft’s recent promise of legal action against Rainbow Six Siege DDoS attackers, and as Polygon points out, Ubisoft’s lawsuit claims the defendants themselves have been asking for it.

“Indeed, Defendants have gone out of their way to taunt and attempt to embarrass Ubisoft for the damage its services have caused to R6S,” reads one excerpt, alongside a sample screenshot embedded below. “For example, a Twitter account operated by one or more of Defendants has repeatedly mocked Ubisoft’s security efforts, including Ubisoft’s efforts to ban individuals utilizing Defendants’ DDoS Services.”

The lawsuit spells out how the defendants have allegedly been selling subscriptions to services which can initiate DoS and DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks against a number of games, including Rainbow Six Siege.

In the end, it calls on the court to shut down the defendants’ operations, ban them from interfering with the game’s servers any further, and award Ubisoft full legal fees, damages, and restitution for the revenue generated at Ubisoft’s expense.

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