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DarkRP Updates 9/12/16 - xSicKx - 09-12-2016

Hello everyone,

Some new Updates we have incorporated.
  • Car seller NPC.
  • ItemStore and Bank to store items also. (Keep you items in storage even if you log out of server.)
  • VCMOD for car explosions, and multiple passengers. Along with lights and other small things.
  • A new F4 Menu, a lot smoother and nicer than the original.
  • M9K Guns: Assault, Pistols, Machine Guns, and Specials (Bombs and such)
  • Donation System for member to become VIP and Super VIP
    (Command = !donate)
  • Angry hobo swep for the Hobo's (Throw boots and yell obscenities.)
  • Parkour mod for our Ninja Class (Climb up walls, run fast, etc)
  • Drugs Mod for the drug dealer. (Yes it actually works)
  • Pickpocket SWEP (For thiefs, criminals, and mob members)
  • AntiProp kill.
  • Warning system for administrators. (3 warns = kick; 4 = ban)
  • Fading Door tool for base building.
  • An enhanced log system for Admins.
  • Precision Tool.
  • And plenty of new player models.

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It will reduce most errors on players you are seeing.