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DarkRP Update 9/18/16 - xSicKx - 09-21-2016

Hello everyone a little late but here is our updates so far:

* Pac3 is installed for Donators and up.
* New player models. (Joker, Harley Quin, Star Wars, citizens models. Pikachu, Furry, plague doctor, thief, amaterasu, sans, Hitman, and a few more) All for admins, users, donators, and vip users.
* VCMOD ELS ( Emergency Light System )
* Lots of cars added, here is a little list (pagani, audi, maserati, chevrolet corvette, mercedes, Shelby, subaru, Land Rover, Porsche, Bugatti Veyron, Bentley Continental, Subaru Impreza, Tahoe, BMW, Police cars and more!)
* Pro Keypad cracker for ProThief
* Donation system tweaked.
* Tweaked Gun dealers around.
* Fixed door system, agenda, and demote groups.
* Roleplaying props added.
* Turned around the blacklist into a whitelist. Probably best idea ever.
* Added evocity v33x, (Possible map change in the future)
* Modern Notifications
* Added VIP money printer
* Tweaked all printers for more realistic with our DarkRP.
* Added rules
* MOTD made a little better.

Lots of more new things going on.

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