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News - Crunchyroll Announces Third Annual Anime Awards - xSicKxBot - 12-04-2018

Crunchyroll Announces Third Annual Anime Awards

<p>Crunchyroll has announced the <a href="">Anime Awards</a> are coming back for a third year in a row. The ceremony itself won't happen until 2019, in order to give 2018 Fall anime series time to conclude.</p><p>The full list of categories and the roster of judges will be announced in mid-December, and voting will start on January 11, 2019 before ending on January 18. Winners for each category will be revealed on February 16, 2019.</p><p>The hit series My Hero Academia dominated the second annual Anime Awards, winning Best Animation, Best Opening, Best Action, Best Boy, Best Girl, Hero of the Year, and Villain of the Year. The show did not, however, nab the top prize of Anime of Year, which instead went to Made in Abyss. Other notable standouts were Your Name for Best Film, Land of the Lustrous for Best CGI, and My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness for Manga of the Year.</p><p>If you need to catch up on anime prior to Crunchyroll's Anime Awards, refer to our guide of <a href="">anime you should be watching for the Fall 2018 season</a>. It lists every series airing on Crunchyroll, Funimation, Hidive, Netflix, and Amazon so you can catch up on dozens of quality anime. Bloom Into You is a notable standout, telling the story of two girls who struggle with accepting themselves until they learn to rely on each other. Zombie Land Saga is also a pretty good show this season, mixing together idol tropes and zombie story stereotypes to create a story that runs the gambit of bizarre to heartfelt. If you're not watching either one, you should consider adding them to your queue.</p>