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News - Hundreds Of PC Games Discounted In Huge May Madness Sale - xSicKxBot - 05-14-2019

Hundreds Of PC Games Discounted In Huge May Madness Sale

<p>It's been a great few weeks for PC game deals at Fanatical recently. The digital store's <a href="">big Ubisoft sale </a>is still going on until Wednesday, and it's already kicked off an even bigger sale on hundreds of more PC games. Dubbed the May Madness sale, the promotions are running all week long with new flash deals and other game discounts revealed every day.</p><p>Even better: There's an available coupon that'll slash an additional 10% off the current sale price, dropping many of these games even cheaper. <strong>The promo code to use is MAY10</strong>, and you can use it on most of the games, excluding pre-orders, Star Deals, bundles, and new releases like <a href="">Rage 2 </a>and <a href="">Mortal Kombat 11</a>.</p><p>Here's an overview of what's available right now; we'll continue to update this story as more deals are revealed throughout the week.</p><h3><strong>Flash deals</strong></h3><p>The current flash deals are:</p><ul><li><a href="">Devil May Cry bundle</a> -- $23.84 (55% off)</li><li><a href="">Distant Worlds Universe</a> -- $8.09 (87% off)</li><li><a href="">Monster Hunter World</a> -- $32.39 (46% off)</li><li><a href="">Rime </a>-- $2.15 (93% off)</li></ul><p>Remember that you can use the promo code MAY10 and take an additional 10% off the discount price shown here (except for the bundle). These flash deals run for 48 hours or while supplies last, and you'll receive your Steam key immediately after purchase.</p><h3><strong>More PC game deals</strong></h3><p>Besides daily flash deals, over 1,000 PC games and DLC will be on sale by the end of the week. More than 600 titles are available now, with more deals coming soon. Some notable bundles are marked down right now, including the<a href=""> Sega Mega Drive and Genesis Classics Bundle</a>, which is currently on sale for $7.49 and includes nearly 60 classic games; the <a href="">DotEmu Classics Bundle</a>, which normally sells for $62 and is down to just $2; and the <a href="">Dreamcast Collection</a>, which is available for $7.19.</p><p>This is a good chance to grab new and upcoming releases for less than $60. <a href="">Rage 2</a>, which releases May 14, can already be snagged for $10 cheaper on PC. <a href="">Mortal Kombat 11 </a>is on sale for $45, and <a href="">Resident Evil 2 </a>is discounted to $37.19. Meanwhile, both <a href="">Far Cry New Dawn</a> and <a href="">Far Cry 5 </a>are selling for around $20, and <a href="">Borderlands: The Handsome Collection</a> is marked down to $18.59.</p><p>Check out more of our picks from the sale below, and browse the full offering of game discounts at <a href="">Fanatical</a>. Note that Ubisoft titles are available to redeem on Uplay, rather than Steam. The 10% off promo code MAY10 will make the below prices even lower, excluding certain games and bundles.</p><p><strong><a href="">SHOP FANATICAL'S MAY MADNESS SALE ยป</a></strong></p><ul><li>*<a href="">A Plague Tale: Innocence</a> -- $39.14 (13% off)</li><li><a href="">Assassin's Creed Odyssey</a> -- $30 (50% off)</li><li><a href="">Assassin's Creed Origins </a>-- $18 (70% off)</li><li><a href="">BioShock: The Collection</a> -- $13.79 (77% off)</li><li><a href="">Borderlands 2: Game of the Year Edition</a> -- $8 (80% off)</li><li><a href="">Borderlands: The Handsome Collection</a> -- $18.59 (69% off)</li><li><a href="">Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel </a>-- $11.19 (72% off)</li><li><a href="">Civilization VI</a> -- $16.79 (72% off)</li><li><a href="">Civilization VI: Gathering Storm </a>-- $26 (35% off)</li><li><a href="">DmC: Devil May Cry</a> -- $7.49 (75% off)</li><li>*<a href="">DotEmu Classics Bundle</a> -- $2 (97% off)</li><li>*<a href="">Dreamcast Collection</a> -- $7.19 (76% off)</li><li><a href="">Far Cry 5</a> -- $19.79 (67% off)</li><li><a href="">Far Cry New Dawn</a> -- $20 (50% off)</li><li>*<a href="">Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Complete Bundle</a> -- $34 (50% off)</li><li>*<a href="">Mortal Kombat 11 </a>-- $45 (25% off)</li><li><a href="">NBA 2K19 </a>-- $18 (70% off)</li><li><a href="">Ori and the Blind Forest - Definitive Edition</a> -- $10 (50% off)</li><li>*<a href="">Rage 2</a> -- $50 (17% off)</li><li><a href="">Resident Evil 2 </a>-- $37.19 (38% off)</li><li><a href="">Resident Evil HD Remaster </a>-- $8 (60% off)</li><li><a href="">Sega Mega Drive &amp; Genesis Classics Bundle</a> -- $7.49 (75% off)</li><li><a href="">Total War: Three Kingdoms</a> -- $49.19 (18% off)</li><li><a href="">Trials Rising </a>-- $20 (20% off)</li><li><a href="">Two Point Hospital </a>-- $22.39 (36% off)</li><li><a href="">Watch Dogs</a> -- $3 (90% off)</li><li><a href="">Watch Dogs 2 </a>-- $9 (85% off)</li><li><a href="">XCOM 2</a> -- $13.79 (77% off)</li><li><a href="">Yakuza Kiwami 2 </a>-- $24 (20% off)</li></ul><p><em>*not eligible for additional promo code discount</em></p>