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News - Get a job: Digital Extremes is hiring a Layout Artist - xSicKxBot - 05-15-2019

Get a job: Digital Extremes is hiring a Layout Artist

<div style="margin: 5px 5% 10px 5%;"><img src="" width="356" height="356" title="" alt="" /></div><div><p>The Gamasutra Job Board is the most diverse, active and established board of its kind for the video game industry!</p>
<p>Here is just one of the&nbsp;<a href="">many, many positions</a>&nbsp;being advertised right now.</p>
<p><strong>Location: London, Ontario, Canada</strong></p>
<li>Follow and on occasion help to define art direction through collaboration with the Layout Lead and the Art&nbsp;Director</li>
<li>Work closely with the Art Director and the Layout Lead while collaborating with the Level Design team to understand and balance the artistic and gameplay direction of the project to ensure the successful execution of the game’s visual and technical design on a level by level&nbsp;basis</li>
<li>Use analytical thinking and the defined art sets, props, visual FX and lighting techniques to design visually stunning, dynamic and technically efficient environments that support the narrative and game play goals of the&nbsp;level.</li>
<li>Use traditional 2D and 3D art skills in the production of environments, including the construction of high level compositions and proxy models from which final assets will be&nbsp;built.</li>
<li>Work closely with the Level Design team to fulfill the primary feature requirements of the game as it relates to layout, and contribute to the team’s goal of reaching the project’s vision. Ensure the visual quality of each environment through tuning, bug fixing, and&nbsp;play-testing</li>
<li>Collaborate with artists, engineers and designers to ensure effective integration of art, game design, and&nbsp;technology</li>
<li>Work as a team member with production and development, promoting creative thinking processes within the team and integrating their input to translate the game vision into gameplay&nbsp;reality</li>
<li>Review levels for visual integrity, playability, and fun factor while considering the creative direction, game play, and the target&nbsp;platforms</li>
<li>Contribute innovative and original ideas toward all aspects of the game’s production and&nbsp;development</li>
<li>Deliver work on time and according to schedule as prepared by the Art Director and&nbsp;Producer</li>
<li>Engage with the entire production team to stay current on the scope and understanding of the&nbsp;project</li>
<li>Actively participate in the feedback loop including accepting feedback from and providing feedback within the art and level design team as&nbsp;required</li>
<li>Each Layout Artist is expected to multitask effectively, prioritize competing demands, and trouble-shoot any issues relative to the Layout role that may&nbsp;arise</li>
<li>A portfolio that demonstrates excellent concepting skills and range of&nbsp;style</li>
<li>A minimum of 2 years’ experience in game engine fundamentals such as performance optimization, game engine tools, shaders and&nbsp;scripting</li>
<li>The ability to learn new software quickly, including our proprietary game&nbsp;engine</li>
<li>Exemplary oral and written communication&nbsp;skills</li>
<li>A genuine enthusiasm and interest in video&nbsp;games</li>
<li>Willing to relocate to&nbsp;Canada</li>
<p><strong>Preferred Extras:</strong></p>
<li>Experience with Maya, Photoshop and ZBrush or Mudbox highly&nbsp;beneficial</li>
<li>Strong 3d modeling, texturing and UV-mapping&nbsp;skills</li>
<p>Interested?&nbsp;<a href="">Apply now</a>.</p>
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<p>Gamasutra’s Job Board is the most diverse, most active, and most established board of its kind in the video game industry, serving companies of all sizes, from indie to triple-A.</p>
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