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Mobile - We really want a Fire Emblem Heroes premium subscription (said no one) - xSicKxBot - 11-10-2021

We really want a Fire Emblem Heroes premium subscription (said no one)

<div style="margin: 5px 5% 10px 5%;"><img src="" width="820" height="409" title="" alt="" /></div><div><p> <span class="author">By Joe Robinson</span> <span class="date">03 Feb 2020</span> </p>
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<p><strong>F</strong><em>ire Emblem Heroes</em> has, hands down, proven to be the other most popular Nintendo properties on mobile. <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Sensor Tower data</a> from last week shows that, out of the $1 Billion+ revenue that Nintendo-published mobile games brought in in 2019, 61% of it came from <em>FE Heroes</em>.</p>
<p>It’s first place out of six with the No. 4 spot being held by <em>Mario Kart Tour,</em> which brought in only 8% and that’s with a $5 premium subscription offering. Clearly, <em>Fire Emblem Heroes’</em> next step is to do something bold that meets the needs of their player base… like introducing a premium subscription offering? (Announcement at 11:40 below)</p>
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<p>This rather strange move was announced on Saturday. <em>Fire Emblem Heroes</em> is a typical free-to-play strategy game in many ways (although it’s quite thematic), but it’s managed to convince a relatively small number of people to spend quite a lot of money. It may have brought in 61% of the revenue, but it only represents 4% of total downloads across the six games.</p>
<p>Out of all of the plans they could have considered, a $10 (!!?) premium subscription is not the one I would have chosen, or even guessed.</p>
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<p>If you do choose to subscribe, you gain access to give key benefits:</p>
<li><strong>Resplendent Heroes</strong> – new versions of existing heroes with new attire, voices and a +2 stat boosts. Two are on offer every month during set periods, and you can choose between attires if you manage to secure one. An option to purchase Resplendent versions separately is planned.</li>
<li><strong>Special ‘FEH Pass Quests’</strong> – available twice a month, offers unique rewards.</li>
<li><strong>Expanded Summoner Support</strong> – you can bond with up to three heroes, instead of just one.</li>
<li><strong>Re-Act</strong> – Essentially an ‘undo’ or ‘re-do’ button, you may go back to the start of the previous turn or the current turn, depending on what’s just happened. Unlimited uses, and works on the Game Over screen. Doesn’t work in Coliseum or Aether Raids.</li>
<li><strong>Auto-Start</strong> – Essentially an ‘auto-battle’ feature, you can have the game automatically replay maps for as long as you have stamina remaining. When choosing a map you get to set how many times you want it to replay.</li>
<p><em>Fire Emblem: Heroes</em> isn’t a game we’ve been keeping on top of, so it’s hard to expertly assess the impact of these features. The community has already expressed their concern over this new pass – the video itself is already at 11K dislikes vs. 6.3K likes.</p>
<p><em>The FEH Pass will be available to purchase after the 4.2 update, which is due later this week on February 5th.</em></p>