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Recomended tools to read and flash any xbox 360 drive

There are several tools available to aid in the reading & flashing of all the drives that exist in the Xbox 360. For new users and users looking to upgrade their equipment, there are tools that are a must have. Take a look at those tools below:

-CK3i: (Replaces the CK3 Lite & Pro)
-Probe 3:
-External Molex Supply:

To find other resellers in your area:


X360USB PRO : The X360USB PRO was designed to be a replacement for the SATA Card by solving the various issues that existed with them. The X360USB is completely powered by USB which allows laptop users to flash their drive as well.

CK3i : The CK3i is Team Xecuter's replacement for the CK3 Lite and Pro products. The CK3i retains the functions of the PRO but with added features such as automatic drive eject/close and power cycling.

Probe 3 : If you have a Liteon drive, you would know that the 74850C drive requires a probe, and the 83850v2/94350 drives required trace cutting and soldering. (MRA Hack) With the Probe 3, all you have to is probe the MPX01 hole, press a few buttons and you're good to go.

External Molex Supply: This is what powers all of your equipment and makes the setup completely mobile. All you need is to hook up your equipment and plug the molex supply in and you will be able to flash away.

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