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Thread Contributor: xSicKxHow to quickly change KV's / KeyVaults for Jtag / RGH Xbox 360
To do this, you will need the
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your NAND and your CPUKey. To get your CPUKey, simply boot into XeLL by turning your console on with the eject button and you will see some text that says "CPUKey: [Your CPU Key]"

Here is a quick video that I found on how to dump your NAND:

Once you have those 3 things, open up 360 Flash Tool and click on "Open file"

[Image: q7oCkMv.png]

Click on "Import"

[Image: oZzDsvI.png]

Check "Key Vault", locate the new KV you want to import, then click "OK" and choose the destination for the new updflash.bin to be made.

[Image: NyAnxIu.png]

and there you go, have yourself a new KeyVault setup on your jtag/rgh xbox 360.
[Image: 8OHl5AB.png]
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