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General Information about commands and FAQ

Global Commands

Q: How to contact an administrator/trusted member?
A: @ <message>
Example: @ Echo has RDM'ed me for no reason

Q: How to access the MOTD Menu?
A: !motd

Q: How to drop money?
A: /dropmoney <amount>

Q: How to give money to another player without anyone being able to steal it?
A: /cheque <name> <amount> or /check <name> <amount>
-> You can also use /give <amount> while looking at the player, but there is a risk someone jumps in between the two traders...

Q: How to write in the global chat?
A: // <message> or /a <message >

Q: How to write in the agenda?
A: /agenda <message>
-> Please note that if you use this command twice/or more, it will overwrite the previous message(s) and you also need to be the manager of this agenda.

Q: Why doesn't /advert work right?
A: Advert is an advertising system, that's why it is a billboard. To advertise a shop or something

Q: How do I advert?
A: Use /ooc or // to advertise a raid or anything else.

Q: I'm getting raided, how do I call for police?!!!
A: /cr <message>
-> Be as detailed as possible: /cr IM GETTING RAIDED! doesn't help /cr My gunshop across the Police Station is under attack! does help them locating you.

Q: Someone is abusing his job (minor situations only)?!
A: /demote <name> <reason>
-> Only ask an admins assistance for massive job abuse, like SWAT mass RDM'ing players for no reason.
--> A gundealer simply ignoring everyone to sell weapons is a minor situation.

Q: How to sent a message to another privately?
A: /pm <name> <message>

Q: How to higher my hit prices?
A: /hitprice <amount>
-> Don't abuse this by asking +10k for a single hit.

Q: How to write a letter?
A: /write <message>
-> to remove them /removeletters

Q: How to get a warrant, or make somebody wanted?
A: /warrant <name> /wanted <name>
-> Revoke warrant or the wanted by /unwarrant <name> and /unwanted <name>

Mayor Commands:

Q: How to add/remove laws, and place a law board?
A: /addlaw /placelaws /removelaw

Q: How to lockdown the city:
A: /lockdown
-> To halt the lockdown procedure write: /unlockdown

Q: How to broadcast a message
A: /broadcast <message>

Q: How to hand out a license?
A: /givelicense <name>

Q: How to start a lottery?
A: /lottery
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