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Falcons Tmod app c:

1. Steam Profile Link:

2. What time zone are you in? -5:00 est 

3. Why do you want to become staff? My old server has unfortunately become inactive and I think this server is a great replacement. I was staff on my other server and it is surprisingly fun helping out the new players to DarkRp and the older 
players that may need refreshed on a couple of rules. I would love to help you all out in anyway I can!

4. How many hours do you have on GMOD? As of writing this (9/24/2016) 232 hours.

5. How would we benefit from you becoming staff? I'm a fairly active player that tends to get on at some odd times when not too many people are on. This happens to be a very good time for people to mess around and break rules when no staff are on. I can help to the best of my ability and I know my place. I don't speak up to people who have higher authorities than myself or people who have a valid point on their innocence.

6. What experience do you have with being staff? Please provide detailed list, along with the servers you have had experience on. (IF ANY) I have been a Moderator on SupremacyRP a now dead server for quite a long bit now

7. Do you Know how to use ULX? Yes

8. How old are you? Fourteen, fifteen in December

9. Do you have a mic? Yes, I don't use it as often as I should but that is mainly from self confidence issues I am currently working on resolving

10. Are you able to type in a legible format? Yes

11. How much time will you be putting into this server a week? I get on my computer daily and I'm on Garry's Mod a good bit of that time whenever I have a server to keep me occupied.

12. Will you be able to get a long with our current staff? One hundred percent yes. As I have said before I am a friendly person who knows my place in the line.

I hope you guys take me into consideration and I am excited to play with you all in the future!

Nice application, will wait to see what other staff members say. Thanks for your time!
[Image: 8OHl5AB.png]

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