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Donation ideas
So here's an idea on improving the donation system. 

I'm going to be going over a couple of points and ideas both good and bad points in what you guys already have setup
I will be going over
Current Price
My idea for a new price system
My idea for a new option system
Closing thoughts

The current pricing for the options we have is not very bad, however I do not agree with the whole subscription thing. 


Ok, I think the subsciriptions should be dropped and prices for ranks should be changed to higher values to counteract this i.e($20 VIP $35 SVIP stays same)
This is coming from someone who pours money into servers he agrees with and the subscription thing just does not make sense to me.


The current option system is very very good however I think SVIP is a little too much squished into one package

Ok. So what I think should happen is SVIP needs to be split into two ranks. Custom class, and SVIP
Custom class is where you just donate for a custom class and that is all you recieve. These are not too hard to set up and you dont get anything from this other than a class that only you can use so I think the pricing should be around $15. SVIP should not change a thing at all, if you listened to my previous argument about making VIP $20 you could count SVIP as a better deal as you will get more for the same price. If you only want a custom you can now go that route without having all the extra stuff you don't care about. If you only want a VIP you can get a toned down version of the SVIP for a cheaper price. If you want both however you have to make the decision all at once to get a better deal.

Concluding thoughts

I really hope you guys take these ideas into mind. As I mentioned before, I put a lot of money into servers and I really think these options will draw more attention to your donating options.
Pretty good idea. I'll talk it over with other admins and see what they think. The only thing is, having a custom class would mean giving the server more to load. So i think subscription would need to be in place for it. At least for me to consider it. Maybe a one time fee and a lower rate subscription would better suit. I'm currently setting up a donator group, which is of course a one time fee if any price. But there won't be much gain from it like having vip. I will take what you said into consideration though and talk among the staff to come to a conclusion.
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