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Thread Contributor: C3I9reliances Staff app
1. Steam Profile Link:
2. What time zone are you in? est
3. Why do you want to become staff? I am an experienced staff member and promice to do my best helping out
4. How many hours do you have on GMOD?60
5. How would we benefit from you becoming staff? I would be active and helpful
6. What experience do you have with being staff? Please provide detailed list, along with the servers you have had experience on. (IF ANY)I have been staff on stdio network and some others
7. Do you Know how to use ULX? yoe
8. How old are you? 13
9. Do you have a mic? yes
10. Are you able to type in a legible format? yes
11. How much time will you be putting into this server a week? 5days
12. Will you be able to get a long with our current staff?
Approved thanks for applying, see me in game.
[Image: 8OHl5AB.png]

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