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[Application Format] Read Me for Format, Contact, and Help

How to apply to be part of our Rust Clan

You don't need to apply to play with us, we would just like to know a little information about you. Help identify people and keep trollers out.

Please Copy and Paste this form Below:


What would you like to be called:
Steam profile link:
Hours on rust:
What do you have to add to the clan:
How many hours do you play a day:

P.S- We are always looking for farmers and grinders. Please keep this forum for applications only.

If you have questions, here are ways to get in contact with the group.
1. Leave a post here
2. PM a Staff member here
3. Leave a message on our Discord Server #chat channel. We have 100+ active members. Someone will get your question answered
4. Discord Server: PM a Rust-Officer, Rust-Major, Rust-General, or the Server Staff for more personal questions and precise answers

Enlisted is for new recruits. Basically new to the clan. Once accepted you get that role and you build your trust from there to work your way up. Everything is explained in #rust-discussion on discord.

Discord link:
[Image: 8OHl5AB.png]

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