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News - WoW Classic Demo Included With BlizzCon Virtual Pass

WoW Classic Demo Included With BlizzCon Virtual Pass

Blizzard is once again offering a BlizzCon Virtual Ticket so those who can't attend in person can take part in some of the festivities from home. But this year, Virtual Ticket holders can actually try an otherwise exclusive demo of World of Warcraft Classic.

According to the announcement, home viewers will be able to download the BlizzCon WoW Classic Demo that will be playable on the show floor for attendees starting on November 2 around 1 PM PT. That will include two early-level zones, one for the Alliance and one for the Horde. It will be available until 10 AM PT on November 8, so those who attended BlizzCon in person will have time to go back home and play more of it themselves as well.

Virtual Ticket holders will also receive commemorative items to display their faction alliance, available starting today. You can equip the War Mantle of the Alliance or the Horde, and the Stormwind Champion's War Banner or the Orgimmar Hero's War Banner.

Other goodies include a Legendary Demon Hunter skin for Sombra in Overwatch, a variety of Heroes of the Storm cosmetics, and as-yet unannounced bonuses for Diablo, Hearthstone, and Starcraft. The Virtual Ticket costs $50--an increase of $10 from last year--and also gives you access to watch extra broadcasts and panels from the show floor. BlizzCon will kick off on November 2.


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