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Mobile - Langrisser Mobile launches next week, but you can pre-register right now

Langrisser Mobile launches next week, but you can pre-register right now

By Sponsored 17 Jan 2019

Old-school strategy JRPG franchise Langrisser will be making its’ mobile debut next week via Langrisser Mobile – a freemium game that hopes to capture the free-to-play turn-based strategy crowd. Anyone looking for another game similar to Fire Emblem: Heroes will be able enjoy the full release version on January 22nd.

This is a sponsored article courtesy of Zlonggame.

Pre-registration is already live on both iTunes and the Google Play store, however, so if you want to sign up early you can do so via your app store of choice.

Langrisser Mobile looks to capture the spirit of the classic tactical JRPG franchise by hitting all of those key nostalgic beats. Over 300 levels from across the series return, on tactical maps that can go as large as a 24×29 grid, and all set on the familiar continent of El Sallia. You’ll also be able to collect and fight with (or against) plenty of familiar faces from across the series, including Elwin, Dieharte and Luna.

Zlong has also brought back the series’ original composer, Noriyuki Iwadare, who’s joined by a star-studded Japanese voice cast that includes Ryotaro Okiayu (Fire Emblem, Bleach, Fate/Apocrypha).

Battles in Langrisser follow a familiar ‘rock ,paper, scissors’ style of gameplay based on the class of your hero, although there are two elements to a unit. The hero has their own special class but there is also an accompanying ‘troop’ that battles first. These will follow a basic class system and come in three tiers. Your heroes can be customised via their own class/progression tree, as well as different troops types and equipment. Similar to Fire Emblem, heroes and equipment all come with a rating.

Langrisser PT Dragon

If you want to try and get up to speed on the game while you wait for release, there’s an official wiki online that’s already been populated with some initial information and stats, which may help in your squad planning.

Langrisser Mobile launches worldwide on iOS and Android on January 22nd, 2019.


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