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Mobile - The Weekender: 2019 is Here Edition

The Weekender: 2019 is Here Edition

Now, THIS is more like it. 2019 has finally arrived in the world of mobile games, and we’ve got an appropriately packed update to yourself through to the weekend. Not much to highlight in terms of the week’s content, although if you didn’t see the great news coming out of Dire Wolf Digital, read up!

Meanwhile, in mobile games…

Out Now

Alien Blackout (iOS Universal & Android) (Review)

Before you get too excited, we suggest you go read Brittany’s review for this one. Turns out Blackout isn’t that good, despite it’s interesting-on-paper premise. Shame – I think we could have done with a decent premium mobile spin-off title.

Legends of Andor (iOS Universal & Android) – Full review coming!

This one rather came out of nowhere. Based on Michael Menzel & Jörg Ihle’s fantasy adventure board game of the same name, Legends of Andor is a solo-only experience where you must guide a group of heroes through twelve ‘legends’ that will see you exploring more of the world and setting. It’s supposed to sport simple rules, but we’ll try and give you a detailed review ASAP.

Ridiculous Rugby (iOS Universal)

We also spotted iOS-only Ridiculous Rugby, which seems like a wonderfully bonkers take on the English sport (with influences from American Football, not doubt). We’ll add this one to the review list as well, but it’s rare to see a decent sports game emerge (even if it’s not super serious).

Partia 3 (iOS Universal & Android) – Full review coming!

Anything premium that references Fire Emblem is probably worth paying attention to, and strategy RPG Partia 3 might just be a wonderful way to end the first month of 2019. It’s a semi-stand alone sequel to 2014’s Partia 2 set hundreds of years after the events of that game. Releases of this nature (especially in the face of FE: Heroes) are rare now, so we’ll definitely be adding it to the list for review.

If you want to know more about it though, there’s no better place than the developer’s rather frank App Store description.

Speaking of Fire Emblem, we shouldn’t forget to mention our Lord and Saviour… Langrisser Mobile.

Get Hype

Star Traders: Frontiers (iOS Universal & Android)

The Trese Brothers have released some excellent mobile games over the years, but recently their focus has been on their most recent Star Traders offering, Star Traders Frontiers, which now has been PC only. We’re very excited to be able to say that, come next week, iOS and Android users will also be able to enjoy this excellent evolution of the Star Traders series.

I’ve been playing the PC version quite a bit, having also dabbled in Star Traders Elite, and it’s quite good. Provided I can get a hold of some android code in time, I’ll probably handle the review for this myself. Stay tuned!


Football Manager 2019 Mobile (iOS Universal & Android): $6.99
Football Manager 2019 Touch (iPad & Android Tablets) (Review): $14.99

Sports Interactive’s 2019 edition of the eternal Football management franchise has gone on sale for the first time, with the discount varying by addition. As a reminder, the ‘Touch’ version is essentially the full PC games ported to tablets (not universal), while the ‘Mobile’ variant is a stripped down version that can work on phones.

Iron Marines (iOS Universal & Android) (Review): $2.99 on iOS

Ironhide’s excellent RTS is reduced by a couple of dollars. Well worth checking out.

Bridge Constructor Portal (iOS Universal & Android) (Review): $1.99 on iOS

This game has only been on sale once before since it launched in December 2017, and now it’s on sale again for a new lower price. Get it while you can!

Mars Power Industries (iOS Universal & Android): $0.99

This sci-fi puzzler has been on our review pile for a while, but we never got around to it. Still, of $0.99 those looking for a new brain teaser my find their answers on the red planet. This is only the second time the game has been discounted since launch.

Seen anything else you liked? Played any of the above? Let us know in the comments!


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