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News - Anthem is crashing entire PlayStation 4 systems, say players

Anthem is crashing entire PlayStation 4 systems, say players

BioWare’s online loot shooter Anthem seems to be suffering from crash issues that knock a player’s entire console out of commission, at least according to numerous reports on Reddit and EA’s own website.

It’s a fairly severe issue in a high-profile game like BioWare’s latest, and one that unfortunately comes during an already turbulent launch period.

Some of the crashes reported are hitting systems harder than those that close a game with an error message. A handful of Anthem players say that their PS4 will shut down completely as if someone unplugged the system, and display an improper shutdown when it boots back up. 

According to Kotaku, at least one player that reached out to the publication said an Anthem crash fully bricked their PS4 system.

A handful of public posts have recorded similar issues since the game’s launch. One from a week ago on EA’s bug reporting site says that closing the game on PS4 caused their system to suddenly shut down and said that the console was unresponsive to attempts to power it back on until they physically disconnected and reconnected its power source. Other forum users echo this in the replies, and the post isn’t the only one out there by any means.

While Anthem‘s official channels haven’t directly addressed this specific issue quite yet, the game’s community team has urged players experiencing issues to reach out and file a ticket on EA’s bug reporting forum.

“Everything that has been reported is being tracked and the team is working on fixing issues as quickly as possible,” tweeted global CM Jesse Anderson. “Some issues will be addressed faster than others with hotfixes, others require a client update which take longer to get ready.”


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