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Microsoft - Photographer and digital artist up their game with Z by HP

Photographer and digital artist up their game with Z by HP

“I can bust out so much more whenever I’m either working personal or professional projects, so that’s great,” Oostenbroek says. “The last Windows I used was Windows XP, so that’s how long ago I had used Windows. But it was easy to switch. All the software I use works the same on Windows 10. It’s older software, but it works so much faster thanks to the Z4’s capabilities. My workflow is so much faster now. And that’s the best thing.”

HP gives the option to remap the keyboard, so he can continue to use the shortcuts that are most familiar to him.

His Mac could not give him the RAM he needed to open “crazy resolution” files (20,000 x 20,000 pixels). He used to go to a friend’s to open those files but now he can handle everything himself. He also now has the capability to render on a graphics card, which is something he says he’s wanted “for ages.”

“HP brought me to that moment,” he says. “I’m super happy with that.”

He had also stopped doing animation for personal projects because it used to take so much of his free time to render it. But now he’s taking on personal animations thanks to the quick feedback he gets from the Z4, which saves him a lot of time, as he’s able to make corrections more quickly.

A self-taught artist who didn’t discover Photoshop until he was in high school, he avoids online tutorials, preferring to follow his own path. Constant change not only applies to his workstyle, but also his philosophy about learning.

“Improvement is key for my own work. I always want to learn something from every project I take,” he says. “Improving and learning throughout the creative process can be really rewarding because you can pay the bills, but you’ve learned a lot too. So that’s like a total win-win situation. The learning curve is super important for me.”

To find out more about how these devices work for creative professionals, head over to Z by HP.

Photos courtesy of Z by HP.


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