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Google Cloud Adds Compute, Memory-Intensive VMs

Google Cloud Adds Compute, Memory-Intensive VMs

Google added virtual machine (VM) types on Google Compute Engine including second-generation Intel Xeon scalable processor machines and new VMs for compute- and memory-heavy applications. The former, available in beta, are general-purpose VMs. They provide greater than 20% price-performance improvement for many workloads and support up to 25% more memory per virtual CPU compared with first-generation machines, according to Google. These N2 VMs offer a balance of compute, memory, storage, and network resources for general-purpose workloads such as web and application servers, enterprise applications, gaming servers, content and collaboration systems, and most databases. They are available in Google’s U.S.-Central, Europe-West, and Asia-Southeast region now and will be available in most Google Cloud Platform (GCP) regions in the next few months. (Source: SDX Central)

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