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Mobile - Upcoming Mobile Games 2020 – The best new iOS & Android Releases!

Upcoming Mobile Games 2020 – The best new iOS & Android Releases!

By Michael Coffer 14 Jan 2020

For mobile games, 2020 is stacked, 2020 is perfect, and we’re here to see you through it. This living text will continually document the biggest and best games for our favorite niches and genres. Scroll down for details, or just scan the list for quick inspiration.

Upcoming Mobile Games 2020

  • Commandos 2 (Squad Tactics/Strategy)
  • Company of Heroes (Historical Wargame)
  • Rebel Cops (Tactical Strategy)
  • Roll for the Galaxy Digital (Board Game)
  • Slay the Spire (Card Game/Roguelike)
  • Teamfight Tactics Mobile (Autobattler)
  • Legends of Runeterra (CCG)
  • League of Legends: Wild Rift (MOBA)
  • Fury of Dracula (Board Game)
  • Mage Knight (Board Game)
  • Sagrada (Board Game)
  • Wings of Glory (Board Game)
  • Root (Board Game)
  • Runescape Mobile (MMO)
  • Diablo Immortal (Action-RPG)
  • EVE Echoes (MMO/Simulation)

There’s a lot of cool stuff potentially due out this this year, let’s take a look at them in more depth…

Company of Heroes (Real-Time Historical Wargame)

Release: Early 2020

Company of Heroes is an oldie but a goodie, and Feral is slowly documenting their development process with blog updates. Starting with D-Day and going forward, the game covers WWII’s pivotal battles in the European theater. It will be excellent but without early access or excessive chatter, the exact timeframe on this one is difficult to pinpoint. It was supposed to release in December 2019 though, so it can’t be too far off.

Commandos 2 (Squad Tactics/Strategy)

Release: TBA pending console/PC rollout

Commandos 2 is taking its sweet time coming but will be a sore sight when it debuts in 2020. The game’s delays are due to its ambitions, for in addition to refining its control scheme it is also aiming to launch on consoles and PC. It’s a mixture of squad-command and RTS, and manages to merge historical scenarios with detailed characters and specialisations..

Rebel Cops (Tactical Strategy)

Release: “Soon” (as of Nov 2019)


 The mobile version of the spin-off to This is the Police was announced in November last year – it essentially doubles down on the gritty Police drama’s tactical layer. The player must lead a “ragtag squad of cops in rebellion against their town’s new criminal power.” The game is already out on PC if you want to give it a browse, otherwise look out for it’s iOS and Android release sometime soon.

Fury of Dracula (Board Game)

Release: TBC

Fury of Dracula Digital

This was one of the first announcements of 2020. Fresh of their new found independence, Nomad Games are striding forward with gumption. They’ve acquired the license from Games Workshop to develop a digital version of the fourth edition of Fury of Dracula, which is a classic asymmetrical board game from the late 80’s. We know a mobile port is ‘likely’. but we’re not sure what the timetable will be in terms of platforms and in what order. We’re optimistic at the moment for a 2020 release, but you never know.

Roll for the Galaxy Digital (Board Game)

Release: Beta running, full release TBC 2020

Not much is known about this one other than Temple Gates are working on it. They’ve made some decent board game ports in the past so chances are good this one will be pretty decent as well. They were accepting beta sign-ups at the start of December 2019, so with any luck it won’t be too much longer before we see this one hit our mobile shelves.

Slay the Spire (Card Game/Roguelike)

Release: Early 2020

slay the spire mobile 2020

We were expecting this to drop last year, but in December the developers said the mobile port had to be delayed into 2020 so they could finish up the console version, which would in turn allow the mobile version to be deployed quicker and smoother. We were told “early” 2020 though, so hopefully it won’t be much longer.

Dire Wolf Digital

Riot aren’t the only company with the potential to take 2020 by storm (See below) – Dire Wolf Digital still have a bunch of licenses they’re set to develop. They most recently released Yellow & Yangtze at the end of 2019, but we’re not sure which order they want to tackle the rest of them in. Just to recap what they’re working on:

  • Mage Knight (Boardgame, Classic)
  • Wings of Glory (Boardgame, Historical)
  • Sagrada (Boardgame, Aesthetic)
  • Root (Boardgame, Asymmetrical)

A RIOT OF COLOR…with scads of stuff from Riot Games

Teamfight Tactics Mobile (Autobattler)

Release: Mid-March 2020

This is confirmed to be coming to mobile, sooner rather than later this year. It’s a cute if boilerplate take on 2019’s Auto Chess, with hexes instead of a square-grid layout, and a battle roulette draft for equipment builds. More swingy, not less, in an already chaotic genre for something ostensibly ‘Chess’ based.

Legends of Runeterra (CCG)

Release: TBA 2020

Riot’s (incredibly belated) answer to Hearthstone. Just the other year it felt like MOBAs were the mobile hotness, now the shoe is on the other foot and everyone with a franchise is eager to pump out a card battler. The rules quirk here is the phase system which sees players taking turns attacking every other turn. An open beta will be hitting PC later this month if anyone wants to give it a go there, as it’ll be cross-platform with mobile at launch so your progress will carry over.

League of Legends: Wild Rift (MOBA)

Release: TBA 2020

A true mobile variant of Legaue of Legends for our phones, keeping much of the original alive. It’s a twin-stick control scheme with a slimmed-down roster. So not a clone or port, but tweaked to be a close as possible. Footage and early impressions are hard to come by, as this is just now entering beta, but it could be a killer substitute for LoL’s dedicated fans.

The Best of the Rest

EVE Echoes (MMO/Simulation)

Release: Currently in Beta. Full release late 2020

This EVE Online spin-off is well into its beta test. Features are slowly being added but early feedback indicates that the grand, sweeping scope of the classic Eve with a minimum of the necessary trimming to make it work on mobile. Slowly, steadily it’ll grow into the sci-fi second life that its parent game provides. Vast military and economic campaigns coordinated with a great number of other players.

Runescape Mobile (MMO)

Release: TBA 2020, Early Access available now.

As the video trumpeted above, Runescape Mobile is currently in Early Access on Google Play. It’s very much an early-access ride, though, with iOS and a full launch still on the books for later this year. Not to be confused with Oldschool Runescape, this MMO is accessible and crossplatform, looking to innovate as much as capitalize on people’s deep-seated nostalgia for the original’s web experience.

Diablo Immortal (Action-RPG)

Release: TBA 2020

Project is still alive and well as of BlizzCon 2019, but updates are few and far in-between. Quality Action-RPGs are in short supply, so it will inevitably garner interest once it debuts. In the meantime the genre has diversified and evolved, what with Path of Exile 2’s announcement. Based on the level of polish in the trailer, a release this year is probably in the cards but for now Blizzard is playing this one close to the chest, with no additional information or access outside of their announcements.

Minecraft Earth (Augmented Reality/Location-Based)

Release: Early Access available, full release 2020

It’s now out in Early Access in most major territories, although the ‘full’ release won’t be till later 2020. The creative sandbox aspect of this only gets stronger with the augmented reality elements. Will become a worldwide time-sink for the craft-y kind. This is more of an open-ended, rolling early access literally sweeping across the globe piece by piece. 1.0 can’t come fast enough, and if Mojang knows to seize the moment it’ll be here this year.

More upcoming mobile games 2020

This list isn’t extensive – there’s plenty we’ve probably missed out on for forgotten about. We’ll add in new games as they get announced or flagged to your attention, but here are few quick notes to keep in mind. We’ll rotate these games into the lists above as we find out more information:

  • A new MMO based on Final Fantasy XIV
  • A Might & Magic based Auto Chess game (with Battle Royale?)
  • Magic: ManastrikeMagic meets Clash Royale
  • Knights of Ages – an Arthurian legend based tactical strategy game
  • War Tortoise 2

Missing in Action – 2019 No-Shows

These games were announced last year but never arrived, and have not released any new information as to when they might be releasing.

  • Phantom Doctrine (Turn-based Strategy)
  • Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad (Collectable RPG/Battler Thing)
  • Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall (As Above)
  • Out of the Park GO! (Sports/Management)

Missed anything, agree or disagree with our picks? Write, comment or tweet us, and by championing those hidden gems, everyone will benefit. Expect constant revisions with updated timelines and members as more developments come to light.

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