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(Ark Server) NEW [US]


We bring to you ARK: Survival Evolved Server. [US]
Ark is a favorite of ours and we go wayyyy back.
Back when they first introduce transferring characters and dinos between server, we use to Sell the highest level tames around. Raise em, use em, sell em. On ebay, reddit, and facebook. Was a huge market, probably even still is.

So now we have our very own Ark server


[Image: banner.png]

[Image: ArN3y3s.png]

[Image: banner.png]

On PC you can connect by clicking any of those links and clicking the "Connect to this server" button. It will open a steam prompt to forward you to our server. Please leave an upvote if you enjoy the server! It will help our server pop.

To join our tribe please join discord:
[Image: 8OHl5AB.png]

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