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(Free Game Key) Summer Sale 2020 Guide

Summer Sale 2020 Guide

Hello, welcome to another year to one of the two most popular events on Steam, the Summer Sale! We have people on discord and the steam group alike who happen to be new to Steam and haven't experienced a Summer Sale event before. I'l be posting a summary of what the Summer Sale is, and everything that it contains.

Steam's servers are known to be crippling alcoholic drivers and it is a tradition that they will always spectacularly crash on day 1. So expect heavy traffic, long loading times and unresponsive pages, but you're probably already experiencing that. Things usually calm down a few hours later, at most on the next day. Surprisingly the servers are working a bit better this time around.

Much like Ireland's Great Potato Famine of 1845-1849, a mass starvation will ensue to people's wallets once the blight of discounts will start infecting them throughout the event. Every year Steam has a couple of discount events, however the most notable ones are the Summer Sale and the Winter Sale.

Despite being Steam's biggest discount events of the year, many 3rd party sites can occasionally have even better discounts. Sites such as:
And many more. There are of course grey market sites such as G2A and Kinguin, which can have games incredibly cheap, but keys are not always guaranteed to work due to the exploitative nature of the market and the occasional fraudulent purchases associated with it.

To check the discount history of a game, visit and search any game of your interest and check their history of discounts, many happening on various sites outside of steam.

To check the current discounts, visit and search with any filter you want.

Augmented Steam[] is a Google Chrome extension (also on
Firefox[]) that includes many useful information to the steam store, including the display of price history on any game that you visit their respective store page:

With that in mind, you will inevitably encounter "The steam sale isn't what it used to be", "Pretty underwhelming sale tbh" type of comments, and they are right to a degree. Steam used to have Flash Sales that lasted 24 hours most of the time, having discounted games be discounted even further. Very easy to miss if you had the wrong timezone. That was back in 2016 or so, however since then Valve has removed Flash Sales, and every Summer/Winter Sale these past years have remained with fixed discounts throughout the entire event, never changing its price. They are still the two best events of the year to grab cheap games.

Here's a list of every single sale event that happened on Steam

If you spend 30€, you will receive a 5€ discount. This will only happen on your first 30€ purchase during this sale. Only available for personal purchases, you will not receive the 5€ discount on gift purchases.

Summer Sale Trading Cards
Commence your army of tens/hundreds (or more) of farming bot accounts and let's all shamelessly exploit the system once again for some free money or to level up our accounts, cause the Summer Sale have reintroduced their event exclusive trading cards. They were removed in 2019's Summer Sale, however it seems they have added them back this year. Any Mysterious Cards you have accumulated these past days, have all been transformed into Summer Sale cards.

There are 10 Summer Cards that you need for a badge:
  • You can get 1 of them per day by using the Explore feature and earning 1 for each time you finish a discovery queue where it used to be 3 per day, however due to exploitative reasons of farming, Valve reduced them to 1 card per day.
You can also get these cards by:
  • Trading with friends.
  • Drops from purchasing on the Steam Store. (Approximately 1 card every $10 spent on the Store)
  • Crafting badges from other games. 1 badge crafted will give you 1 summer sale card.
  • Purchasing them directly from the Community Market
There will be many 1:1 card exchange bots throughout this sale, trade any duplicate you have with them, or with your friends.

This event has a point based system on your purchases on steam. Some of you might've already started with a number of points. They are given by the times you have purchased games since the Lunar sale.

Here is the store on what you can buy with your points. Things include like backgrounds, chat emoticons, animated stickers, animated profiles, golden profiles and such alongside a free sticker every day that you can claim.

As a rough estimate, you get 100 points for every 1$ you spend on the Steam Store. Keep in mind, all items bought from the shop are untradable and unmarketable.

Additionally, you can go on any reviews, mods or other content people made, and award them. You spend 300 points giving them an award, and they get 100 points for being awarded.

If you give them an award, you get a badge and 10 xp per award, meaning 300 points = 10xp. The person getting awarded also gets 10xp and another badge for BEING awarded by people. I can already sense the alt account exploitation.

So basically: Awarding people gets you 10xp per 300 points you spend to award. Being awarded gets you 10xp and you earn 100 points.

Here are the two badges:

NOTE: You might NOT get 10x per award every time. If you get to a certain high level, it might eventually reduce the XP you get per award. Still need to confirm it.

You can also spend 1,000 points directly on another badge here and leveling it up for every 1,000 additional points you spend giving you 100xp every time you level it up.

So there are a total of 4 badges as far as i know. 1 badge for accumulating 10 cards to craft it, 1 badge to buy it for 1k points on the store, and 2 badges for awarding and being awarded respectively.

The event started today on June 25th and it will end on July 9th. The point shop will last the entire year, not just the summer sale.

That was quite the wall of text, so let's summarize the most important points for people who don't want to read as much:
  • Crafting badges grants you a summer sale card.exploration queue

  • Accumulate 10 summer sale cards for 1 badge. The Summer Sale badge itself also gives a summer sale card upon crafting it alongside a free sticker. Currently not everyone got their cards dropped. Day 1 is always filled with bugs, so best to wait it out.

  • A shop where you can spend your points, which will last throughout the year and the items will be permanent without an expiration date (excluding the golden profile, which only lasts for 30 days). You can also claim a free sticker for free in the shop, 1 per day.

  • You can spend another 1,000 points for a badge, giving you 100xp. Spending 1,000 again will level it up, giving you another 100xp.

  • 100 points can be earned for every 1$ you spend, you might already have some points from past purchases. You can spend 300 of those points by awarding people's contents, such as reviews, workshop mods, screenshots and such, earning you a badge[] upon giving the first award, with 10xp for every award you give. People who receive awards get a different badge[] and 10xp, alongside 100 points. You might not get the same 10xp as you level it up to high amounts, and it might reduce the amount of XP you get per award.

  • If you spend 30$ (in one single purchase), you get a 5$ discount. Can only be done once, and it won't stack if you spend more.

  • All prices will remain the same throughout the entire sale.

  • Be sure to consult 3rd party stores for steam keys, as Steam itself might not always have the cheapest prices.

Also as a reminder, please be wary of any scams or any stranger adding you as a friend. Use sites like,, to do a background check on any person you trade with.

Check here for a list of methods used for scamming.

We will answer here or in our discord[] on any help you want.

Comment below if you find anything interesting, and i will update it accordingly.

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