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There are no threads to display. Updates 4/12/22 :eyes:

Hello everyone,
just touching base on some updates.

Have added a serversboard to the main page. Custom coded. (Still in editing)
- The Serversboard will link to official servers supported by
All new smilies to match apple/facebook/twitter emojis.

To use Smiling-face

When you post a reply or thread, you will see the option to use the new smilies to the left!

Hope you guys enjoy!

See-no-evil-monkey Hear-no-evil-monkey Speak-no-evil-monkey

Smiling-face Grinning-face Smiling-face-with-open-hands Relieved-face Face-savoring-food Halo Upside-down-face Winking-face Laughing Smiling-face-with-sunglasses Nerd-face Woozy-face Neutral-face Unamused-face Confused-face Hushed-face Face-with-hand-over-mouth Confounded-face Face-with-rolling-eyes Worried-face Yawning-face Angry-face Face-cursing See-no-evil-monkey Speak-no-evil-monkey Hear-no-evil-monkey Cowboy-hat-face Frowning-devil Smiling-devil Anxious-face-with-sweat Face-with-crossed-out-eyes Frowning-face Squinting-face-with-tongue Face-with-monocle Baby Pensive-face Pleading-face Partying-face Eye Eyes Face-with-head-bandage Face-with-raised-eyebrow Face-steam-from-nose Face-screaming-in-fear Drooling-face Lying-face Waving-hand Thumbs-up Raised-hand Love-you-gesture Ok-hand Clapping-hands Tongue Dizzy Crown Dashing-away Hundred-points Ghost Poop Sign-of-horns Brain Pinched-fingers Collision Backhand-index-pointing-up Bomb Exploding-head Call-me-hand Zzz Cold-face Pinching-hand Backhand-index-pointing-down Index-pointing-up Thumbs-down Nauseated-face Sleeping-face Alien-monster Smirking-face Alien Face-with-open-mouth Raising-hands Face-vomiting Frowning-face-open-mouth Middle-finger Zipper-mouth-face Pouting-face Weary-face Love-letter Disguised-face Flexed-bicep Victory-hand Robot Crying-loudly-face Sweat-droplets Mouth Sneezing-face Hot-face Money-mouth-face Crossed-fingers Anger-symbol Backhand-index-pointing-right Skull-and-crossbones Folded-hands Raised-fist Grinning-cat Flushed-face Skull Grimacing-face Backhand-index-pointing-left Purple-heart Brown-heart Kiss-mark Smiling-face-with-heart-eyes Smiling-face-with-hearts Red-heart Yellow-heart Blue-heart Orange-heart Green-heart Black-heart White-heart Revolving-hearts Two-hearts Heart-with-arrow Broken-heart

Also recoded some of the colors on the index and showthread pages. Hopefully will bring a more eye popping effect.

Please let me know how you guys like it!
[Image: RvghcKs.png]

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