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The Weekender: Masters Edition

So I’ve been trying to dabble in some more mobile games this past week – I downloaded Gears Pop! Just to see what it was like (gacha, but not terrible) and Fallout Shelter again because I remember having fun with it when it first launched. Now I’m testing out Pokemon Masters because we’ll be doing some guide work for it over the next week or two. Interest around Harry Potter: Wizards Unite seems to have died off quite quickly so i’ll be interested to see how long this new pan flashes for.

It’s not been a great week as far as premium games go – all our favourites continue to get plenty of updates, and we decided to look back on games with some excellent expansion content. Hope you enjoyed that.

Meanwhile, thousands of miles away…

Out Now

Pokemon Masters (iOS & Android)

We’ve been mentioning this one for a while – now the collect’em-all 3v3 battler is out in the wild. It’s not quite as noble as Pokemon GO – you’re not being incentivised to go out-and-about or anything like that, this is more of your bog-standard ‘gatcha’ game dressed in a Pokemon skin. If you’ve not yet read up on it, this is essentially a game about collecting and levelling up ‘Sync Pairs’ – a pairing of a trainer (pulled from the Pokeverse) and a Pokemon.

The F2P aspects mainly revolve around ‘Scouting’ where you spend gems to try and pull rare combinations to help fight in the game’s story mode. Unlike a lot of gacha games this is wholly a PvE affair, with Co-Op available once you’ve cleared Chapter 10. I’ve been dabbling around with it and it’s not bad as games go – the battles still retain some of the tactical dimensions you get from the main games. Your mileage will vary depending on how much you care about Pokemon and, more specifically, specific iconic characters from the TV Shows.

Anyone interested in giving it a go should check out our Beginner’s Guide, plus our guide looking at how to make the most of those early-game scouts.

Other Releases

Not so much this week but we missed a couple of popular indie releases that aren’t exactly in our usual wheelhouse:

  • Dead Cells is a popular action/platformer released last year on PC that’s crossed over to iOS
  • If you remember the interactive visual novel experience Her Story, you might be interested to know that the spiritual sequel, Telling Lies, has also just released onto iOS

Upcoming Games

A couple of announcements we didn’t get a chance to write-up yet you might be interested in knowing about:

Nintendo has finally given us a solid release date for Mario Kart Tour, the rumoured Mario Kart mobile game that was announced at the start of 2018. Like most Nintendo experimentations on mobile, it looks like it’s going to be a F2P experience, but you’ll be able to make up your own mind about it come September 25th.

Also, it’s that time of the year again when we have the latest version of Football Manager to look forward to. Football Manager 2020 Mobile and Football Manager 2020 Touch are due to release at the same time as the main PC version of the game in November. No real information as to what the improvements will be over the 2019 version, but I’m sure it won’t be long before we find out.

Also don’t forget that Tropico’s Android version will be released next week on September 5th.


Not much to report in terms of major game updates. The big Star Traders: Frontiers content drop we talked about at the start of the week is now live on mobile, if you were waiting for that.

Plus the Auto Chess games continue to further improve themselves. Dota Underlords, for example did some tweaking last Friday which you can read up on here. We’re going to be running some more Underlords content at the start of next week, so watch out for that.


Seems Google Play and the Apple App Store hate mobile games this week, as there’s not really anything worth doing a full write-up on. The only two things worth highlighting are:

  • All of the Reigns games are on sale on iOS and Android.
  • Team17 have discounted their entire mobile catalogue on iOS and Android.

Seen anything else you liked? Played any of the above? Let us know in the comments!

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