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Game-focused social video platform raises $9 million has secured a $9 million dollar investment to boost its service as both a video platform and a social network built around sharing short-form video game footage.

The platform launched back in February and has, according to VentureBeat, since picked up 5 million total users and daily active users somewhere in the “hundreds of thousands” range.

The service allows players to make clips of their gameplay footage, and share them with other users across Its pitch is essential, in the words of one Medal investor Matteo Vallone, game discovery driven by sharable moments “without the complexity of streaming.”

Previously, the platform had raised $3.5 million from investors. This latest $9 million round is the result of contributions from new investors like Horizons Ventures and previous investors like Makers Fund.

“At Medal, we believe the next big social platform will emerge in gaming, perhaps built on top of short-form content, partially as a result of gaming publishers trying to build their own isolated gaming stores and systems,” explained CEO Pim de Witte. “That drives social fragmentation in the market and brings out the need for platforms such as Medal and Discord, which unite gamers across games and platforms in a meaningful way.”

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