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Xbox 360 Game Saves (Hacked, Getting Achievements, mods) Using Modio

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTvHBdm1YLYeZaXI2EYtwm...m-elJlkOIg]

Link To Download

Hidden Content Wrote:You must reply in order to see the hidden content!

Just download the newest version and install. Pretty simple.

Now that's the only program you need.

To get your profile on the computer, you will need a flash drive or a data transfer cable.

Lets go with flash drive, because everyone has one.

Just pop it in and reformat for xbox.

Now, copy your profile and any saves you want to mod. If you just want achievements, no need to get saves. If you choose to download a save,
you open it up in modio and save it with you profile and the transfer over to the hard drive using the program itself. (Modio)

Sorry too lazy to post pictures, but it's pretty easy once you put your profile on the flash drive. Don't need anything too big. My profile is 5 mb.

[Image: c0201360cf0168c7b1be39d9b6a76890.png?1364357703]

Check around with modio, a lot of the saves on the program you can just add to your flash drive with the press of a button on the program. Google all the VIP saves, they are all over the web.. :P
Don't pay for free stuff. ;)

Alright guys, and that's pretty much it. Modio is simple, play around with it and becareful not to mod anything too much to get banned!

[Image: 8OHl5AB.png]

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