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Thread Contributor: xSicKxGet Free Itunes Cards, Amazon Cards, Google Play, Xbox Live, from you phone!
Hello guys,

I'm here today to show you this website.


(Must be clicked either on iPhone or Android device)
Also free 50 credits for signing up through my referral.
Or start with nothing.. your choice.

Through this website you basically just 

Download other free apps, 

[Image: apps-pic.jpg]

Get Credits!

And then it’s time to redeem your credits and collect those Gift Cards!

300 Credits = $1 in giftcard money! That simple and easy guys!

[Image: giftcard-chart.jpg]

If you’re not already one of the over 1 million users that constantly accesses their wide range of Apps and earn rewards, let me explain how this works…

Their Sponsors want you to be the first to experience their new Apps and as a way of encouragement, and recognition of your loyalty, they assign credits to each app you download. So once you've opened up the app and given it a test-drive, you can begin to build up your credits and later exchange them for a variety of valuable Gift Cards.
And this is working guys! I'll show proof on next redemption!

P.S. No questions, interviews or interrogations required to earn great rewards. Just great apps and games for you to use that are useful, smart, resourceful, social or just plain fun to play!


[Image: cardcoderedeemed_zpsntqkx5nq.png]

[Image: redeemingITunesCARD_zpsw0ko9nbv.png]

It may say this, but no need to worry.

[Image: havetowaitforcardcode_zpsgpwado21.png]

Don't worry, just wait. They like to make sure you actually got all your points! I received my card the next hour, check times! Well hour and a half, forgot about it Smile

If you have any questions feel free to ask me!

[Image: 8OHl5AB.png]

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