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Xbox one SDK Leaked: homebrew coming soon?

[Image: DYGSlDP.png]
[Image: 9KrXaVl.png]

Since the beginning of 2015 the Xbox SDK one left in the wild. SDKs are software development kits that serve developers testing their games and applications on a console called "debug". This leak SDK is the work of a team H4ALT who made the announcement on the social network Twitter . Documents related to the SDK for its use were also disseminated as well as the firmware of the Xbox One. The team H4LT very little press on this leak but announced that other elements on the console will be unveiled later. According to it the operating system of the console is a streamlined Windows and thus processes data in completely different formats of the Xbox 360. A potential opening to a flash or a custom firmware of the Xbox one? There are still far too early to say what impact this may have leaked SDK. Wait until hacker arrive to find an exploitable flaw with this SDK. The longer an option would be the release of homebrew, small programs developed without the consent of Microsoft.

[Image: zGMBPAl.jpg]

For the launch of backups there is another track being studied. The drive firmware xbox One sifted In parallel leaks on the SDK, the hack xbox One could also be created by any fault of the player console. Indeed in recent months C4eva, the famous hacker who made the heyday of modified firmware of the Xbox 360 (One thinks of LT LT 2.0 or 3.0) looks at the Xbox One reader. Late last year he announced on his twitter account that good news could come sooner than expected. On this subject he declined to give details (As usual, you might say!) In order not to reveal any flaws that would hasten to Microsoft butcher.

[Image: McnF7XV.jpg]

So are we can expect a flash xbox one drive to start backups on bluray media? Wait and See!
[Image: 8OHl5AB.png]

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