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How to setup system link with JTAG Xbox

How to setup system link with JTAG Xbox

1. OK first you will need a JTAG and RETAIL XBOX 360

2. OK Now u want to get both xbox's connected to the same router/modem [NOT TO EACH OTHER], You Can either do this By a Ethernet Cable or a Wireless Adaptor or if you have a XBOX Slim you can use the built in Wireless.

3.Then you're going to need to get them connected to TVs
*You can use 1 TV but using 2 just makes things easier.

What to do In Game


1 You Need to Start Up like You Usually Do and Pick Your Patch YOu want to Use and load Defult_mp.XEX

2. Then You Need to Set Up a System Link Game Choose Any Settings/Map you like but if your on MW2 You need to make sure XBOX UNLOCKS IS ON and not off otherwise it wont work, but you don't need to worry about that on cod4/W@W.

3. Then Start your game and if your using a patch with a Verification System You Might Find It easier if on your jtag you make a profile with the GT you are Modding.


1. Sign into live with the GT you want to mod then play the game you Jtags is running.

2. Then go to Multiplayer and go System Link

3. DONT create a game, Press JOIN A GAME and you should see your able to join your Jtags Game {If it doesn't show straight away press X a couple times to refresh and it should then Come up, if nothing show's you messed something up, restart

4. Now when you joined If it says waiting to be verifed switch over to your Jtag and verify yourself but if you are using the same GT you shouldn't need to verify yourself.

5. Now you can do whatever you need to and when you leave on your retail go on to xbox Live as if your going to find a game and check everything you need done has worked

Alright guys, I hope that helped you!
Happy modding!
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