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SickGamingRP General and Building Rules of the server

SickGaming DarkRP Rules of the Server.

General Rules

  1. Don't attempt to exploit the server or act with malicious intent towards it.

  2. Don't randomly kill someone. (Known as RDM - Random Death Match)

  3. Don't harass or annoy other players. This includes being racist or purposefully trying to offend others.

  4. Don't spam. This includes voice chat, OOC chat, adverts, or any other methods of communication.

  5. Don't prop minge. This includes prop climb, surf, kill, block, bridge, push, trap or spam.

  6. Don't create offensive or inappropriate text signs.

  7. Don't use an inappropriate RP name.

  8. Leave the admins to do their jobs, if they're busy then be patient and wait for them to finish

  9. Scamming during vendor transactions or any roleplay transactions is not allowed whatsoever.

  10. No CP helping. You must be a government class or a bodyguard hired by the Mayor to assist CP.

  11. If a user has a building sign up, leave them alone. If they need help they will ask. You will be KOS after two warnings.

  12. Overall, use common sense and have fun.

- Building Rules

  1. While building, put up a sign that says "Building" to let others know you are not roleplaying.

  2. Do not interfere with people that have a "Building" sign.

  3. A player must be able to enter and exit your building using a keypad cracker or a lockpick.

  4. Do not abuse the fading door tool. (Using the numpad to constantly spam it or open and close it quickly)

  5. For fading doors, please stay within 4 doors to get in.

  6. Keypads must be connected to a working fading door.

  7. Keypads must have a hold length of 5 seconds for fading doors. (With a 0 initial delay)

  8. Do not create tiny cracks in your base that raiders cannot see.(Headshot and footshot traps)

  9. No disorienting advantages such as black rooms, fully invisible props, or world glow effects.

  10. Do not store entities on inaccessible rooftops or inaccessible areas in general.

  11. Do not build in the road. Cars must be able to get by.

  12. Sky bases are not allowed.

More will be added as need.

Thanks for reading!
[Image: 8OHl5AB.png]

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