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Thread Contributor: xSicKxWebcamCapture
[Image: paIbunt.jpg]

Just a little application some friends wanted.
You can simply tell the application to capture an Image every X seconds, for Y Images.
Thats all, no magic or anything.
I probably still have to add a few Settings here and there, to make sure its going to work with every Laptop and Webcam.
Ive only been able to test it on 2 Acer Laptops with similar Webcam Hardware, so if you have any problems, please message me about it.
A little “How to”:
When you open up the Application for the first time, you will be asked to choose a Webcam and Resolution.
Since Ive only been able to test it on Machine´s with 1 Webcam, I dont know whats going to happen when you have multiple Webcams.
Simply choose the highest Resolution ( ex.: 1280×1024 is higher then 800×600 ).
The Application will remember which Webcam you selected, for the next time you start this thing.
Now simply set the amount of Images and the seconds between the Images and youre good to go.
Maybe also change the Folder the Images will be saved to, the Default Path is to your Image-Library.
In case that there is an update, the application will notify you about it ?
ToDo List:
More Settings ( Image Format & Image Flip )
Propper Image Calculation for the GUI ( ugly way using right now, sides get cut off )
Windows 8 Compatibility ( I dont use this shit anyway, so low priority )

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