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aceton's dev app.

Name: aceton 

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:163626403

Steam Profile link:

Why you should pick me over other developers: Ive got lots of experience in scripting and developing in general, ive owned around three garrysmod servers in total and wish to help this one too. I just recently discovered the server and instantly wanted to help you and your staff team out. My best qualities are probably scripting and dealing with lua issues, however I can make jobs if needed because thats super easy. If ever needed I can get on and kind of be like an in game technical support for users if they are having any issues with gameplay. I am currently not working for any other servers so my time will be devoted to you guys until something happens like an loa, sick, or a holiday morning however if you take all these times out I will be dedicated to Sick Gaming and can be on constantly fixing bugs whenever that is needed. I can also help populate the server which is a benefit because you guys will get a lot more roleplaying on your game server. So far I really enjoy the server and can tell it has great potential in the future. If you accept me as a developer I will primarily focus on developing and not roleplaying because server issues/bugs are more important than roleplay issues. My past experiences were on servers called LogicRP (populated darkrp) Botix Gaming(mostly test with like 10 players on a day) and Blackscar which was my beta server where I tested my scripts and such.

What time zone are you in? EST -5:00

Why do you want to become staff? I want to be staff because I would like to help this server become populated as well as test out my beta scripts and see if they were worthwile. As I said above I believe the server has great potential and I think I could definitely help the server out in many different ways with my many different qualities. I am experienced in the developing industry and that is very beneficial for you guys because I can be on a lot helping out the server.

How many hours: 1 hour and 40 minutes.

+1 for actually knowing what they are talking about. I think they would be a great addition to our dev team.
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