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News - Deadpool 2 May Get PG-13 Re-Cut As Untitled Deadpool Movie Hits Release Slate

Deadpool 2 May Get PG-13 Re-Cut As Untitled Deadpool Movie Hits Release Slate

Deadpool 2 was known for being a very hard R, but Fox appears prepared to put it out in theaters too with an age rating that's a little more inviting to mass audiences: PG-13. The movie is currently slated for December 21, currently listed as an untitled Deadpool movie.

Deadline reports that this mysterious title is Deadpool 2, given a few snips and clips to squeeze it into a size PG-13 dress. Star Ryan Reynolds, who has been heavily involved in bringing the comic character to life, tweeted out an image of Deadpool reading a story to Fred Savage a la The Princess Bride. This may be the framing device for a PG-13 Deadpool 2, as well as a way to extend the length and make up for cut scenes.

In GameSpot's Deadpool 2 review, Michael Rougeau said it worked in much the same way the original did, though it could have used more support from its surrounding cast like Josh Brolin and Zazie Beetz. "But Reynolds' Wade Wilson is just as charming as ever, in his own twisted way, and Deadpool 2 delivers the laughs, action, and gruesome maimings that fans want," he wrote.

Presumably a PG-13 rated version will have most of the same laughs and action, but slightly less gruesome maimings. Fox recently reached a deal with Disney, which could put all of the Fox-owned Marvel characters including Deadpool into the MCU. The report also included word that the X-Men movie Dark Phoenix is being pushed back to the summer.


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