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Thread Contributor: xSicKxBotNews - Minecraft 1.14 Pre-Release 3 and 4
Minecraft 1.14 Pre-Release 3 and 4

A full summary of the content available in this snapshot can be found in the changelog on

Update: We’re now on pre-release 4 and we expect this to be the last pre-release before the full release. We aim to release Village & Pillage for Minecraft: Java Edition on Tuesday, April 23rd.

  • Fixed bugs
  • Performance improvements
  • MC-101233 – Burned out redstone torch map causes memory leak
  • MC-144173 – When foxes eat a soup they eat the whole bowl
  • MC-144346 – Composter Bottom texture uses side texture
  • MC-145736 – taiga_meeting_point_2 has two logs that are rotated incorrectly
  • MC-145762 – Villagers don’t go to their appropriate work site
  • MC-146528 – Raid bar will disappear after being filled in villages created in nether
  • MC-146615 – Looms are backwards in village house
  • MC-147316 – Villager GUI right edge is missing/incomplete
  • MC-147845 – in world folder makes game crash when clicking resource packs button
  • MC-148044 – Foxes look weirdly at you after killing rabbit/chicken when jumping
  • MC-148091 – Ominous banners are called “block.minecraft.illager_banner”
  • MC-148192 – Music slider doesn’t affect volume
  • MC-148210 – The merchant can be summoned with a negative age which has the effect that he has the hitbox of a baby villager
  • MC-148356 – Foxes holding items are lowered by a pixel or 2
  • MC-148357 – Foxes still run away from wolves, even if they are tamed
  • MC-148358 – Baby foxes holding items are shifted
  • MC-148383 – Right-clicking cartography table output when duplicating map causes loss of second map
  • MC-148466 – Foxes have 20 health points
  • MC-148504 – Mobs not affected by sunlight
  • Fixed bugs
  • MC-137935 – Skeletons do not shoot player when seeking shelter from sun
  • MC-139446 – Sky light not recalculated when blocks placed in air with /fill command
  • MC-141990 – Cartography table does not update when cloning maps
  • MC-142134 – Light sources spontaneously not working in some chunks
  • MC-144107 – Miscalculation of camera position in windowed mode on Linux with KDE
  • MC-144111 – Foxes get stuck after pouncing
  • MC-144114 – Foxes can walk/slide while sleeping
  • MC-145944 – Villagers travel up water really quick
  • MC-145952 – Iron golem and villagers can leave their village
  • MC-146272 – Double screen bounce with new sneak/crouch changes
  • MC-146978 – Hero of the Village effect obtained naturally makes the player give off particles
  • MC-147305 – Player crouches with a delay
  • MC-147363 – “Villager disagrees” sound is played twice when right clicking a villager without trades
  • MC-147387 – Ravagers with a passenger won’t attack players and iron golems
  • MC-147646 – Mobs will go to village centers and attack the air
  • MC-147772 – Horses can glitch when moving up blocks
  • MC-147799 – Strange TNT behaviour
  • MC-147853 – Animals can not get out of water since 1.14-pre1
  • MC-147897 – Riding entities down elevation deals damage on dismount (again)
  • MC-147913 – Shearing Sheep doesn’t use Shears Durability
  • MC-148000 – Enchanted books cannot be disenchanted with the grindstone
  • MC-148031 – Spectator flying slows down in solid blocks
  • MC-148037 – Light Level decreases on Blocks as Y Level increases
  • MC-148045 – Same items types on ground don’t stack together
  • MC-148185 – Duplicate maps using cartography table

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