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Thread Contributor: xSicKxBotMobile - Here’s a trailer about Wizards. Wizards Uniting.
Here’s a trailer about Wizards. Wizards Uniting.

By Joe Robinson 14 May 2019

I have found memories of the Harry Potter books & films, and given we largely missed out on the Pokemon GO thing I thought I’d make a concerted effort to keep a closer eye on Niantic’s latest AR spectacle, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

We were hoping today’s press blast would reveal something a bit more concrete – a release date perhaps, or even some live game footage… but no, it’s just another hype trailer.

Can’t really do much with that, other than re-post it for your enjoyment:

It’s worth noting the game is available for pre-registration on Google Play and the Samsung Galaxy store though, If you’re into that kind of thing.

Hopefully the next press blast will be more revealing.


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