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Mobile - The Weekender: Tower Edition

The Weekender: Tower Edition

This is a slightly short and sweet entry this week because I’m out and above for work reasons, but still a few things to catch you guys up on. We’ll be cooling it a bit with Harry Potter content unless some news pops up and I’ve got nothing better to do, although I plan to look more into the Auto Chess stuff as it seems more our speed.

We’ve got more reviews coming as well, so don’t worry about that – most new, a few we missed from last month, and then looking at trying to keep things dynamic with more features etc… I’d especially be interested in what you thought about the Brave Exvius guide we ran. I’ve always wondered if there was room for content that’s on trying to ride the ‘free’ part of Free-to-play for as long as possible, making the most of what free resources one can get. I know plenty of people are turned off by the grind-mechanics themselves, but plenty do enjoy having something to whittle away idle time and I’m hoping this helps with that somewhat.

Meanwhile, in mobile gaming…

Out Now

LEGO Tower (iOS & Android)

We reported on this a week or two ago, but the LEGO themed Tiny Tower spin-off is finally here. If you played the original game (or Tiny Death Star) you’ll know what to expect, but for anyone not in the know this is a free-to-play experience where you need to build and manage a tower complex. LEGO figurines will come to work and live in your tower depending on what you build, and you can keep going as high as you can.

Standard Free-to-play warning applies with premium currencies and timers, although Tiny Tower never had a reputation for being that bad with its monetisation. Still, this isn’t going to sway anyone who’s definitely anti-F2P, but it might be a nice distraction for anyone else looking for something to idle some time away without much thought. Plus, LEGO!

Chess Rush (iOS & Android)

Tencent is a Chinese company you may have heard off because they’re kinda buying stakes in, like, everyone right now. I think they own a share of Paradox Interactive now? Perhaps I’m mis-remembering that, but they definitely own an interest in Riot Games, makers of League of Legends. Recently, they’ve done two things: The first is to partner with Drodo Games and Dragonest to help publish Auto Chess: Origin in China, the second is to just go ahead and launch their own similar game, Chess Rush.

I tried to fire it up for a spin but it couldn’t get it get past the ‘checking for update’ screen. It also asked for access to my microphone, to which I was like ‘hell no’. It’s mean’t to be a more fast-paced take on the genre though, with quicker matches lasting no more than ten minutes. I’ve always thought this was something that mobile-facing auto-battlers should try to deal with, as 30-40 minute matches that you can’t leave are problematic for a game that can be played on the go. If I can get it to work I’ll report back and most likely update our master list of Auto Chess games.


There’s still a fair few sales going on at the moment since it’s ‘the season’, and a few more interesting ones have popped up that you may be interested in:

Seen anything else you liked? Played any of the above? Let us know in the comments!


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