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News - Fortnite: Week 9 Secret Battle Star Location Guide (Season 9 Utopia Challenge)

Fortnite: Week 9 Secret Battle Star Location Guide (Season 9 Utopia Challenge)

Week 9's challenges are now live in Fortnite, giving you another chance to level your Battle Pass up and unlock more Season 9 rewards. Each task you clear will reward you with Battle Stars, but if you manage to finish all seven from a given week, you'll also complete one of this season's Utopia challenges, which will unlock a special loading screen that leads you to a free item hidden somewhere around the game's map.

Every odd-numbered Utopia challenge you complete will give you a chance to find a hidden Battle Star, which will level your Battle Pass up by one full tier when collected. Sure enough, that's the reward that awaits if you complete nine weeks' worth of Season 9 challenges. But first, you'll need to find it. Fortunately, this week's Battle Star is fairly easy to locate.

Once you've completed enough challenges, you'll unlock the loading screen pictured below. This one shows off Brite Bomber, wearing her beachwear from the ongoing 14 Days of Summer event, in a skate park. Look closely at the bottom right of the image, however, and you'll see a drawing of a Battle Star scrawled onto the ramp. That's the clue that'll lead you to the item.

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The Battle Star is depicted above a car that's surrounded by velvet ropes, and there happens to be just such a car inside Mega Mall, so that's where you'll need to go to collect it. Make your way to the area and the car will be easy to spot; walk in through the main entrance, then go into the room to the left of the fountain. Once you find the car, the Battle Star will appear above it when you approach, just as pictured. Collect it and finish the match to level your Battle Pass up. If you need more help finding it, we've marked the Battle Star's location on the map below; you can also watch us collect it in the video at the top of this guide.

Battle Stars aren't the only bonus you can collect for completing Utopia challenges. Each even-numbered one you clear will lead you to a free Fortbyte. Those can be picked up by anyone who has a Season 9 Battle Pass, whether or not you've actually completed their corresponding mission. However, you'll only be able to find these free Battle Stars if you've finished the requisite challenges; they won't appear in the game otherwise, so you can't simply go to the right location and expect to find them if you haven't done the necessary work.

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Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

If you need help completing any of this season's previous challenges, you can find tips and guides for all the trickier ones in our full Fortnite Season 9 challenges roundup. Mega Mall has been a popular spot as of late; to coincide with the launch of Stranger Things Season 3, portals from the Netflix series have appeared inside Mega Mall recently, after Netflix had teased a potential Fortnite crossover. Meanwhile, the aforementioned 14 Days of Summer event is running until July 16, and it has its own set of challenges to complete and rewards to unlock.


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