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CSS v34 Spy External Multihax (Counter-Strike Source) (Hacks/Cheats)


This software does use DirectX Overlay, which means game should be running in windowed mode

Developed and tested on Windows 10, Counter-Strike: Source v34 build 3945 and 4044.

Cheat can be loaded and unloaded at any time when the game is running.
This external hack works with process memory using ReadVirtualMemory and WriteVirtualMemory. It doesn't contain any DLL.
To run some cheat functions, I implemented inline assembler injection into the executable sections of the game memory.
I know my code is pretty shitty and not object oriented. This is my first hack and c++ expirience, sorry.

[Image: LFWC2YG.jpg]

[Image: Gl34kPh.jpg]


1. Aimbot
AutoAim using MOUSE1. Target priority is based on the smallest crosshair distance.
1.1 Aims using viewangle change
1.2 Aims using "set cursor position" (less accurate)
2. Aimbot FOV
Can be changed in range from 0 to 100. When Aimbot is enabled, draws a circle, which defines the working range.

3. ESP
3.1 Draw basic squares. Green - ally, red - enemy
3.2 Squares with additional info: Name, HP, Suit, SteamID, Money, Active Weapon, Ping
3.3 Entity ESP "id: class". For testing purposes

4. Chameleon Wallhack
4.1 Hooks DrawIndexedPrimitive and changes playermodel color depends on the team and visibility.

5. Radarhack
5.1 Draws custom radar sprite, shows enemy position and planted bomb.
5.2 Draw enemy position on in-game radar.
5.3 Change default in-game radar to spectator one.

6. Serverinfo & Bombtimer
Press TAB to get extended server and player information (including equiped weapon, health, etc.).
Also draws bombtimer at the bottom of the screen.

7. Smart Crosshair
Changes default crosshair to blue cross, which becomes red or green when you aim at the player depends on his team.

8. No Recoil & Spread
8.1. Using sequence number and punch angle tries to predict and compensate spread and recoil. Can be improved.
8.2. Manipulating UserCMDs, removes both spread and recoil. No shake. Almost perfect. Best choise for insecure servers.
8.3. Basic "No Visual Recoil"

9. No Smoke & Flash
Completely removes flashbang and smokegrenade effects.

10. No Hands & Sky
Love cloudy nights and levitating guns? Then this is your choice.

11. Bunnyhop & Autostrafe
11.1 Endless jumps on Space hold. Move the mouse to change direction. Also slightly pushes you forward.
11.2 Basic Bunnyhop & DuckJump.

12 Speedhack
Choose speed from 0 to 10 and hold ALT to boost (or decrease) the speed.
It also has an OMG mode which allows you to basically see through time.

13 Spinbot & AntiAim
13.1 You spin me right round...
Spins in all directions.
13.2 Upside-down
Enemy will see your head in wrong position.
13.3 Backwards
Anticheat safe.

14. Namestealer
Steal someone's name every 0.5 sec

15. Fake Lag
15.1 Downloads entire pornhub premium library and causes really harddd laggg. Videos can be found under %AppData%.
15.2 Experimental. Always 0 0 0 viewangle and forced jumping animation.

16. SteamID Spoof & No MOTD
Works with popular emulators such as hCupa's and RevEmu. Also prevents config ban and rate checking.

17. Visual Flyhack
Like NoClip but visual.

18. Play HLDJ
Plays a sound voice_input.wav from your game directory, bypassing any Anti-HLDJ plugins

19. Key "F" enables fullbright instead of flashlight

Virus scan -

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