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(Free Game Key) Winter Sale 2021 Guide

Winter Sale 2021 Guide


Welcome to yet another year of the Winter Sale! As usual, i will partake in the heavy and very tedious task of just taking 5 minutes out of my time and copy pasting the past guide i made with very slight changes, and just slap a "Winter Sale 2021" on top.

Servers will once again be under heavy traffic the first day, prompting some loading issues around the store. Nothing much can be done aside for waiting. Don't reload too often, as that causes said traffic to burden steam's poor unfed servers, prolonging the duration of loading issues.

As is the routine, anyone already acclimated with the procedures of the big sales and their interactive events can view a summary of the collectibles, badges, points and any drops at the bottom of the guide under the "Summary" tag. Any new user on Steam can utilize the more in-depth guide below and check what the Winter sale is about and what venues and tools to use to make the best out of it.

The Steam Winter Sale along with its Summer Sale variant, are the two biggest sale events on steam. Many games will be discounted for people to purchase them at their possibly lowest price.

Here's a list of every single event that happened on Steam

Likewise one should always check any 3rd party stores, as they can potentially have prices lower than the steam sale itself. Stores such as:

... alongside alternate stores such as grey markets, which are key resellers sites like G2A and Gamivo. Due to their structure having any normal person selling keys, there will always be a risk of not getting valid game copies from your purchases, aside for their morally questionable reputation, so use them at your own risk.

To check the discount history of a game, visit and search any game of your interest and check their history of discounts on the steam platform, or from third party sites.

To check the current discounts, visit and search with any filter you want on this sale's prices. Likewise subreddits such as GamesDeals are always helpful informing everyone of new discounts.

If you're using the steam browser, extensions such as Augmented Steam[] (also on
Firefox[]) changes the informational interface of your steam store to contain more useful info about a game, their regional pricing, and history of discounts, alongside information about your activity on the platform.

Steam Winter Sale Trading Cards
You need 10 of them to craft a Winter Sale badge:
  • Using the discovery queue feature will prompt you to visit 12 store pages of games, rewarding you with 1 Winter Card at the end of it. You can get 1 new drop every day at 18:00 UTC.
  • Visit the Steam Awards and choose the game in the 10 categories presented, with each category voted giving you a free winter sale card for a total of 10 drops. This is of course a one time deal, you can't get more cards the following days. (unless you use an alt account for extra drops, but surely you're a respectful user of the Steam platform and the thought of exploiting the system for more rewards NEVER crossed your mind, right?:zageyes:)

    You can also get these cards by:
    • Trading with friends or other strangers. One reliable venue to trade 1:1 cards with an automatic bot, is this thread.
    • Drops from purchasing on the Steam Store. (Approximately 1 card every $10 spent on the Store)
    • Crafting badges from other games. 1 badge crafted will give you 1 steam winter sale card.
    • Purchasing them directly from the Community Market


    You can spend 1,000 points to receive or upgrade your seasonal badge. 1000 points will net you 100xp, which can be upgraded 40 times for another 1000 points + 100xp each upgrade. You will receive approximately 100 points per 1$ spent, or being awarded from other users by creating community content (mods, reviews, screenshots, threads etc.), or awards gifted directly on your steam profile.

    Additionally you can claim a free sticker in the point shop, showing the cooldown until the next free sticker.

    • Crafting any badges grants you a winter sale card and you can use the exploration queue to get 1 free card per day, requiring a total of 10 cards to craft a Winter Sale Badge.
    • Visit the Steam Awards to get a free winter sale card for each category voted, for a total of 10 categories netting you 10 card drops. Can only be dropped once throughout the sale.
    • By visiting the point shop, you can also claim a free sticker.
    • A new seasonal badge is available in the point shop, you can spend 1000 points for a level 1 badge worth 100xp, and you can further upgrade it up to level 40, each upgrade costing an additional 1000 points, for another 100xp.
    • All prices will remain the same throughout the entire sale.
    • Be sure to also consult 3rd party stores, as Steam itself might not always have the cheapest prices.

    As a reminder, please be wary of any scams or any stranger adding you as a friend that could exploit your lack of knowledge on the market or the steam platform. Use sites like,, to do a background check on any person you trade with. Many scammers do not necessarily have negative reputation accumulated, as many use alt accounts to take advantage of people. Low level often private accounts with no inventory value are a good start to remain wary.

    Check for a list of known methods people use to scam users.

    If there are any questions about the event or anything that we might've missed, be sure to comment below or tell us directly on our discord[], and i'l update the post accordingly.

    🌎 💙Twitter 💚Steam Curator 👍Facebook[]💜Discord[]
    ❤️Support us: ✔️HumbleBundle Partner[] Epic Tag: GrabFreeGames

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