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Euphoria Application

1.Steam profile link:
2.What time zone are you in?: Eastern time zone
3.Why do you want to become staff?: I'm honestly tired of admins abusing their power. I want to make a difference and actually play with the rules and be a great admin.
4.How many hours do you have in gmod?:263
5.What would we benefit from you becoming staff?: I know how to calm people down and be a friend but I also know how to follow rules and be stern about using them correctly.
6.What experience do you have with being staff?: I haven't staffed a gmod server but I have run many minecraft servers which have now been shut down ::(
7. Do you know how to use ULX?: I don't but I learn quickly.
8.How old are you?: 17
9.Do you have a mic: Yes
10: Are you able to type in a legible format?: I am.
11. How much time will you be putting into this server a week?- Honestly I can't give you an estimate but I do work about 3 days a week and in my free time between those days i'll be on.
12.Will you be able to get along with our current staff?- I'm very good at getting along with people its just when people don't follow the rules I have a problem.

I recently joined this server trying to teach my best friend how to play and your admins were abusing their power and was raiding us and killing us without being in proper job. So basically, doing shit willy nilly. I wan't to make a difference and save people the trouble of having admins abuse them.

I really appreciate you taking the time to apply for staff. It's always great to see the server filled with players and we need more staff. I like your application, but I would add a few things.
1) Explain your answers in more detail. I understand you haven't been an admin before, but I suggest you give us almost details than what we need.
2) Be active on the server. Unfortunately I haven't seen you on, so I can't really give my full opinon on you to other staff members.

- Tiger

I agree 100% with tiger, need to see you on a lil more.
[Image: 8OHl5AB.png]

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