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News - Ubisoft Recommends Restarting Division 2 Beta Every Few Hours

Ubisoft Recommends Restarting Division 2 Beta Every Few Hours

The private beta for The Division 2 has begun, and like any real beta this one appears to be exposing some technical hiccups for Ubisoft to mend. The studio has already outlined some tips to avoid common problems in the beta, and announced upcoming maintenance.

On its known issues page, Ubisoft outlines two relatively serious issues that it says will be fixed before the full game launch, but that may present problems for beta players. The first is that extended play sessions could either degrade the experience on PS4, or crash the game altogether on PC and Xbox One. To avoid this, the studio recommends restarting the game every two to three hours.

The second known issue is that receiving a game invite from a friend within the game, while you are outside the game, will cause the client to crash once you launch it. The practical solution offered here is to simply make sure you start the game first and then join the group from within the game client.

In a tweet, Ubisoft says server maintenance will be performed on Friday, February 8, starting at 12:30 AM PT / 3:30 AM ET, and last approximately three hours. That scheduled time is just before an extra piece of content was to be added: a piece of endgame content called an Invaded mission. Presumably that will now hit as soon as the maintenance ends.

Other beta content includes two main missions, five side missions, open-world activities, and one new Dark Zone. The player cap is set at 30 for the beta.

You can check the official Twitter account for updates on any issues that come up, and visit the forums to offer feedback and report new issues. The Division 2 launches on March 15.


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