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News - Apex Legends: Tips And Guides To Help You Stay On Top
Apex Legends: Tips And Guides To Help You Stay On Top

With Apex Legends becoming one of the fastest growing games in record time, there are many players competing for that top spot to become Champion. As a battle royale game set within the Titanfall universe, you'll need to coordinate with your squad to pick the best landing spot and stay several steps ahead of the enemy team, all the while avoiding the encroaching circle of death. Though it features a familiar formula from games like Fortnite and PUBG, Apex Legends' particular brand of character-focused battle royale action will take some time adjusting to.

We at GameSpot have put together a set of guides to help you get into the game with a better understanding of what's to come. In addition to learning more about Apex Legend's best weapons, we've also got some tips on how best to unlock the two additional characters Mirage and Caustic, and how to attain the ever-elusive Champion status. Be sure to check back with GameSpot for more guides and impressions on what's happening in the online world of Apex Legends. And if you haven't seen our review yet, go check out editor Phil Hornshaw's thoughts on Respawn's excellent debut into the battle royale scene.

"Apex Legends is a mix of smart shooter ideas that makes for a competitive, team-based game that gets at all the best parts of battle royale while addressing a lot of the weaknesses. Respawn's intense focus on team play makes Apex more than just a worthy addition to the genre; it's an indicator of where battle royale should go in the future."

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Apex Legends' Best Guns

Apex Legends features a strong variety of light and heavy weapons that are versatile as they are functional. But as is the case in most battle royale games, you don't have much choice in what you get to use, and you'll often have to make the best of what you can get your hands on. With that said, it's always important to understand the type of gear you've got at your disposal, as some of the more unassuming weapons may prove to be more useful than you realize. Here's a quick rundown on all the best guns you can find on the field.

Apex Legends' Best Guns: These Weapons Will Help You Survive

Tips For Becoming A Champion

Becoming a Champion in Apex Legends will take patience, solid teamwork, and quick reflexes during some of the more intense encounters. In addition to smart use of scouting skills like pings, and keeping an eye out for Apex bots yielding some solid gear, you'll have to avoid putting yourself hairy situations--even if it means avoiding the use of a stylish execution. If you manage to get the final shot in at match's end, you and your squadmates will be named Champion, earning you a significant experience boost in the process. Here are some solid tips on how to become a Champion in Apex Legends.

Everything Apex Legends Won't Tell You: Tips For Becoming A Champion

How Best To Unlock New Characters Take Without Spending Money

Though you'll have most of the key players available at the beginning, there are two additional characters that can take some effort to unlock. While EA and Origin Access members will get a 1,000 credit upon first booting up, letting them purchase one character right at the beginning, most players will have to unlock them the old-fashioned way and earn enough funds to afford the character. Here are the best methods to unlock the hologram-wielding Mirage and the poison-spewing Caustic.

Apex Legends: How Long Does Unlocking New Characters Take Without Spending Money

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