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Thread Contributor: xSicKxClash Of Clans, Layouts; War Base / Trophy Base ; Top Base's for Clan War
Hello everyone,

As you see, I am a pretty avid Clash of Clans Player.

Don't believe me? My username is the same on COC. Check me out Wink

Well anyways, Wanted to show you guys a few bases to help you out with either Warring, Farming, Trophy hunting or whatever may be the case!

For war base's, you generally want to keep everything close. Be best to protect you Town Hall from an easy star for war. 1 star could win the war. (Of Course) Next you want to make sure your items on the outside are close to defense material. This will keep other people from starring you. Last, section off your defense in several small blocks. This makes it harder for people to get through your defense and 3 star (Which is 100%) Pretty simple to stand by. I know this usually helps me the most. I try to keep everything symmetrical. The reason for this is, if they tried only certain sides of your base, it wouldn't be any different than the opposite side.
Now onto our layouts!

These are war bases. Not hybrid's, nor farming. Then again all base's could be used for the opposite thing if you change the buildings around some!

Right Now I'm on Town Hall 8. I just absolutely love this base.

[Image: TH8_War_base_zpsozdzyf7g.png]

Only had it for 24 hours now, and no attacks yet. LOL
I love how in the middle, everything is protecting the town hall, and also, they protect the next to outside layer, which is inside the walls. I keep the town hall protected so people can't 3 star me. 2 star's isn't bad but 3 star's mean's they raped you. lol (Metaphor)

Love when I change my base and everyone is scared to attack.

For Town Hall 7 War Base:

[Image: TH7_War_Base_zps9deg3dnr.png]

Will Update for lower town hall's later. Getting a little late now.

Thanks for reading.

Hope this helped!

[Image: 8OHl5AB.png]

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