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Thread Contributor: xSicKxHow to Play Clash of Clans On PC! Android and iPhone compatible.
I am going to show you how to install and play Clash of Clans on Windows by using BlueStacks. There is also a post in CoC Land about play this game on Mac, you can read more at: Clash of Clans on Mac OS X. Smartphone and Tablets aren't enough for to play Clash of Clans and other Android games (Clash of Clans is compatible for iOS and Android, just have to go to settings and link account to seperate device.)

Play this game on our PC and laptop is really awesome because you will have a larger play screen, and will save your phones battery!

  1. Download BlueStacks at:
  2. After downloading; Install then open it, you will see this window, just setup BlueStacks like your Android phone (just click Next and Sign in with your Google account):
[Image: how-to-play-clash-of-clans-on-pc-8.jpg]
      3. After those steps, here is the Main Menu of BlueStacks:

[Image: how-to-play-clash-of-clans-on-pc-2-copy.jpg]

      4.Click to the orange Search button and find for Clash of Clans:

[Image: how-to-play-clash-of-clans-on-pc-3.png]

      5. Google Play will ask for your Google ID and password, then to the main screen of google play, keep search for Clash of Clans then click Install.

[Image: how-to-play-clash-of-clans-on-pc-4.jpg]

      6. After install, just click Run and the game will open.

[Image: how-to-play-clash-of-clans-on-pc-7.jpg]

      7. To restore the village on BlueStacks From iOS

Click the settings button.
(Which is just a few gears next to each other)

Then click Settings. Link a device.

Click This is the old device.

It will show a code. You must then type that code on the new device which will link the accounts

Please rember you can not unlink accounts and what not. Do not give out your account unless you want to sell it, which can be posted here in the Seller's Section:


Only for accounts, and other material for sale only.

If this helped you, please comment below saying thanks or anything else to show other users this works perfectly.

If any questions please comment below.

[Image: 8OHl5AB.png]

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