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Thread Contributor: xSicKxWant Free Gems For Clash of Clans! Tutorial here!
[Image: maxresdefault.jpg]

You are probably wondering if this is fake or not.

Well It's not.

(Read this first)
This is no generator, nor some type of "easy" way to get free gems for COC. They are all fake, and either give you a virus, or steal your account from you. So please do not download those types of "Gem Generator" They are merely a scam!

Want to start off good? We talked to FreeMyApps and they are willing to give you free 50 creds just for using this link
Or start off with none! Whatever,

Want to get started now?? Click Here

Type in that link on your phone^^^

They may have some video showing "all the gems" they got from using it. But their is a way to install clash of clans and  give yourself max amount of gems but this is not on the actual Supercell server. They just make their own server, which isn't too hard using a rooted device, or jailbroken. You can't play with people around the world with this method, they must enter your server for you to play with them. (Pointless to me, but if you want to test out top level stuff; guess it could be useful) If you want a method for that please comment below and I may post one up.

This is a legit method, to get free Itunes giftcards, and pay for your gems. (Which equals Free gems)

I have posted a method already on how to get free giftcards and this is the same exact method.

Link to original post:

Just follow that method and you can get tons of free gems just by installing games onto your phone.

But why would they payout for installing free games you ask?

Their Sponsors want you to be the first to experience their new Apps and as a way of encouragement, and recognition of your loyalty, they assign credits to each app you download. So once you've opened up the app and given it a test-drive, you can begin to build up your credits and later exchange them for a variety of valuable Gift Cards.


[Image: cardcoderedeemed_zpsntqkx5nq.png]

Just Showing Gems in account. Notice Acct Name: xSicKxSkiLLs
[Image: cocPROOFxsickxskillsgemsandmod_zpsgaawdagx.png]

Link To Get started:

On Your Mobile Device!

Hope this helps my fellow clash of clanners!

[Image: 8OHl5AB.png]

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